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‘SELFIE’ with All New Form – Damn Sure You Love Reading It

Updated on July 25, 2015

People all over the world are crazy about taking Selfie. Whether it is a social function or birthday party, a church or a temple people just take selfie and upload it. Survey shows that folks between 14 to 40 years of age share selfie just nothing like anything. There is a selfie stick available in the market which helps you take photos with more clarity.

You might surprised to know that first ever selfie was taken in the year 1839, when a Philadelphian photographer name Robert Corniyeals has took his photo and selfie gets birth.


When you take photo for yourself is known as selfie, but here I want to tell you some other forms of selfie which you might have heard. Let’s have a look,

  1. HI Life – When you take photo ‘only of your hair’ is known as hi life selfie.
  2. WE Life – When take selfie by ‘doing workout’ is we life.
  3. SHE Life – When you take photo ‘with bookshelf’ is she life.
  4. DRI Life – When you take selfie with ‘having a whiskey bottle in hand’ is dri life.
  5. BE Life – When you take selfie having ‘your backside’ is be life.

After knowing this you can share your selfie with new name.

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© 2015 Vishal Dalwadi


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