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Saving Money On Trading Card Games(Possibly)

Updated on March 25, 2012

Not Again

Hey guys and welcome to yet another hub on gaming. This time though I will be covering the TCG and the super ways of saving a few extra bucks and the likes. Anyway let us get started with this incredibly short hub.

Note-This hub will have links to some good sites and have tips on saving money based on what your doing for TCG Wise

Note2-Booster Packs and Boxes shall not be listed. This is to vastly raise collection or competitive decks with least time and money which boxes and packs can be expensive and not offer the full deals and such

Face it TCGS aren't cheap especially when you have booster packs and the likes costing 4 dollars or more for a mere 10 cards. And when it comes to deck making opening packs can be exhilarating but at the same time frustrating if you get all the cards you have and you only need one rare card to make your deck a ravaging beast that cant be stopped. So sure this article will take the fun out of opening booster packs out of the equation but this is for the people who want to save money and still enjoy the TCG experience

Collection Raising Methods

Collector Tins- Special Collector Tins come in for like 8-10 bucks and offer booster packs and rare cards to boot. If you need a small collection raise this will help but be warned it won't be as big or as good as lots to getting big collections for cheap

Lots- Lots are honestly the best way to raise your collection for cheap. Lots on ebay have been seen for 8 bucks and contain 100 cards and the likes and each card is randomly selected. So for a good starting point or big collection raising portion lots are what will help you out. Just remember to use trusted sites like the ones listed in this hub to make sure you don't get scammed!

Deck Building

Deck building is another major TCG Feature that can be extremely expensive if your opening booster packs. There are only a few ways for Deck Building to have money saved and still be truly custom but its possible

Trading-The oldest method trading can save money. All you really need is good cards you can trade and access to a community willing to trade with you for cards you need. Local card shops will have this group and if not try posting ads and asking around if anyone plays the card game your into. If so see if you can trade for good cards

Singles-Buying singles is the most reliable way now a days for deck building especially when you have no one to trade with. Going to your local card shop or even looking online will help you find singles to buy. That rare card you have a 1/1050 chance of the right amount and you have 100% chance of getting it.

WARNING-Singles put a price tag on each individual card and some of them get very expensive! But if you can and want to without having to pull the card and spend tons on packs attempting to get it then well this is the next best thing

My Top Trusted Links

The Links I am providing have been very helpful to me and very reliable and are the top 3 links I use when purchasing cards and the likes - Troll and Toad has been there for me when i need singles to build a great deck and when I needed lots to build up my collections. They usually do cheap and shipping is cheap for what it's wort. Offers all types of TCG and goes so far as to include Figurines and general gaming stuff - Probably the site with the highest scam risk out of my top 3. The reason why is it is user controlled so of course there will be scammers. When buying lots look for the trusted seller star and then buy from them as your guaranteed to receive your purchas. Generally has everything - Pokeorder is decent and is usually my last resort but is also an amazing site. When the other 2 sites failed Pokeorder came through for me. Generally has what you will need but everytime I try to order a big amount of stuff I have a slight problem with them

Thanks for reading this incredibly short hub on TCG and sorry there is not as much detail but I put as much as I could in to this. Hopefully It's helpful and stay tuned for more hubs weekly :D

Comment below on your favorite sites and methods and I may just add them ;)


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