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Hot Snow Toys for Kids: What to Buy for Winter Snow Play

Updated on September 24, 2014

The Rundown

When I was a kid and I saw it was snowing outside I always got really excited. Thoughts of snowball fights and fort making  would run threw my head as I would race out the door with my coat hanging off and my boots untied . Today's kids are no different. Having fun out in the snow is really not much different than it was many decades ago. A kid does not really need that much to have fun in the snow. However,  there is a a lot of cool toys that are out there on sale to make the experience even funner. Some are age old classics, while others are new. Thus, in the next two segments I am going to go over some of the cool toys one can buy for this winter season.

Snofling Snowball Fight

Snow Ball Making Toys

Every kid (and adults) enjoy a good old fashioned snow ball fight. They now make several different kind of toys to help you out in your snow ball battle. The product I recommend is the Snofling Snow Ball Throwing Stick. I bought one of these at the end of winter as kind of an after thought last year. We had one more snowstorm before the spring came and my kids and I decided to test it out one day.

What a great product!! I ended up having to get a few more for this years winter. One great thing about this product is that you do not have to bend down to scoop up the snow. The Snofling is long enough so that you can just scoop up the snow without much effort. You can throw far with the Snofling but sometimes not as accurate as you like.

One great thing about the Snowfling is that the snowballs being thrown out of it tend to be a little softer than the ones you made with your hands. This is definitely better for the younger children.

Parents Beware: The SNOFLING also can be used as a horn. While this is fun for the kids it can be kind of grating for the adults when you are inside.  When not in use,  make sure you leave them on the porch or in the garage!!! Anyways,  this is a great product at a great price!!!

There is a demonstration on You Tube about the Snofling that I have included in this Hub to the right of this text.


Snow Fort Making Toys

Wile making snow forts does not require any tools, it is always a help when you can have something to help you create your masterpiece.

The best toy I recommend is the old fashion Brick maker. Flexible flyer makes one and there is another more generic version available on Amazon. I used to have one of these when I was little and remember that I had a lot of fun with it.

I bought my then seven year old one last year to play in the snow.I have never seen him get so much enjoyment out of something that costs under 7 dollars. Although we did not have a ton of snow last year, he and his older brother enjoyed building different kinds of forts all winter.

They also would also create road blocks in the snow out of the bricks so they could crash into them with their sleds.

 Another bonus to this item is the fact that you can use it in sand as well!! I brought my kids to the beach many times last summer and they have had a lot of fun using it to create sand castles. All this for under seven bucks!!! A product that truly packs a punch.

Amazon also has a sand castle kit that seems reasonably priced. The kit contains: Castle Wall Mold, Castle Tower Mold, Dual Digging Sculpting Tool, and an instruction manual on how to make snow castles. I personally do not have this item but it seems likes something that children can enjoy in the snow and sand.

Most Important: Have Fun!!

Below I have put more fun items to use in the snow. My two kids and I really enjoy snow tubing throughout the whole winter. Amazon has quite a few reasonably priced ones on sale now.

 I hope everyone has enjoyed this hub and have gotten some ideas of some fun toys to try out in the snow this winter season.  I hope everyone has a fun and safe winter!!

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