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Updated on June 6, 2011

THAT"S MY SOUSOU~~~~~~!!!!!!!!! i found a pic for her online :D:D:D:

bomb toys were everywhere

Her name was sousou and all what i remember about it was her yellow shiny color. Maybe she held a deeper meaning to me but who knows. All what i remember was picking it up from our gardnen in the Mount of Kniseh in Lebanon. I remember my mother saying " Don't touch that it might be a bomb". Well that wasn't the answer i expected but mom was right to be worried. Lebanon back then has just endured and survived a war and lots of bombing. I wanted to touch it really bad and i wanted to call it my own. Yet mom had to make precautions. With a very and extremely long piece of wood she poked the little stuffed animal. And once again she made sure to turn it over, once and twice to check and make sure that it wasn't a bomb. Mother would tell me about these cases she had in the Hospital about kids in the SOUTH of Lebanon finding camera like toys near their houses right after a bomb raid. And the poor kids would play with the camera and click the little button while acting to be photographers taking pictures of their homes which survived the raids and bombing. THEN all of a sudden you would find them turning and making the headlines by having their hands mutilated by little TRICKY bombs which explode when picked up of the floor. I remember it taking a while before mom would really let me pick that toy from the floor. On second thought she picked it up and didn't hand it over for a while. Yet when she made sure it was safe, she let me take the stuffed animal home.

"Sousou " that's her name and from now on she is going everywhere!" that was my first comment while taking SOuSOU my new friend for a bath. Well someone had to remove all the grease and dirt off that little poor toy. I had that poor thing all over the place, whenever i ran in the garden barefooted i would carry her along, talk to her, and eat ARABIC ice-cream with her as well. ANd whenever i went to drink from the fountain we had beside our little mountain house, i'd take her with me and show her around. People, who seemed much older would just smile, (probably fake smile) since deep down inside they were really bitter and hated my father for marrying a FILIPINO and not a Lebanese. ANd when they gave me those glares, i would glare back with my NON-Lebanese eyes (which seemed like Mongolian to them ) and say "What idiots" Yet they wouldn't understand for i spoke with a tongue that they didn't understand. And they would curse back with a deformed Arabic language that i myself didn't understand.

ANd sousou would just stare with me at the people that didn't get what i knew at a young age " the world has much more important problems to deal with than your little prejudice towards a young child who was condemned to live in a place that doesn't respect foreigners. Yet life had to move on, and so I had to grow up. But SouSou was there all the way, and i remember returning to our house at the mountain, and seeing that a ROCKET has went through the house and didn't really explode and bring down the whole place to ruins yet now i was pretty aware of how much they despised us. They hated seeing our mountain house survive the rocket and everyone said it would fall on top of our heads one night and kill us all. Maybe they prayed and hoped it would. Who knew? Yet i learned to rise above all that.

And as a third girl and the youngest back then, i had my troubles with the boys that lived near our little and modest mountain home. And there i met AFOH or that is how it sounds like in English (it has no meaning in Arabic as well for it is just a nickname) . AFOH was an equal to awful ( his personality was simply repulsive ) or at least i thought so. He was like 15 back then yet looked much older and more experienced at bullying other people. Yet what my simple mind couldn't understand back then is how RURAL people like AFOH and the whole village would know much about racism and hatred towards bilinguals. And i had my clashes with him and so did each of my sisters yet i remember this incident pretty well.

They would enjoy peeing on our land and infront of our house just for fun , or just to spite us. And i remember AFOH and his friends leaving us a present on our door. IT was POOP shaped like a cake with ten little colored candles sticking out of it. Eywww ! Yet it was all due to hatred though i never saw what was to hate about a bunch of little kids.

AFOH once got on our land and then he took sousou from me and just kept on making fun of me until i cried so hard.

I cried, though mom taught me not to cry in front of these people for they would mock you and spit in your face. They were fierce people with no mercy in their hearts. .And yet all the commotion seemed to make him even more happier. ANd while i was wipping my drippy nose on my sleeve my sister came and back then i remember seeing fury in her eyes or was it hate?

She ran towards him and though he was much taller more built but less bright, she punched him in the face, made his nose bleed and finished him up with a kick to the gonads. ANd he cried and swayed to her punch then crawled. Back then i couldn't believe my eyes. MY oldest sister punched a guy MUCH MUCH TALLER than her because he was an asshole. And swore i thought he will punch her back for i knew those people knew no respect at all. I bit my tongue so hard yet all WWE smack down round was almost over. ANd she caught him by the collar swore in ARABIC one LENGTHY swear and throw him out of our garden like a rabid dog. AND swore again this time her swore was autheriterian. " YOu little piece of shit, if you come near my sister i swear by GOD i will castrate you! And this will be the least of your worries. I will crucify you like a rabid dog and have all the people watch will i skin you alive. " that was all in Arabic.

AND she was my angel my savior and also was they when i accidentally had sou-sou fall into a valley. She was there when i lost her and couldn't retrieve  and was there to help me find a friend when no one was around. She was my friend, my Achilles, my shield and protector. And she still is here whenever i call or even whisper to myself even though she is 10000 miles away. 


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    • Mentalist acer profile image

      Mentalist acer 7 years ago from A Voice in your Mind!

      Cool;;)) I'm interested!

    • Uriel profile image

      Uriel 7 years ago from Lebanon

      SouSou is a nickname just like lulu or jojo :) it is usually used for people with names like Sara, Samar and so on :D Mentalist Acer, Yeh our life is pretty interesting i was thinking of writing a book about that :) LOTS of funny moments with lots of experiences which are both enlightening and humorous (some are sad but teach us to be strong ) Thanks for your lovely comments you always make me smile .

      Best regards to you ANd everyone you care about


    • Mentalist acer profile image

      Mentalist acer 7 years ago from A Voice in your Mind!

      Does SouSou have an english translation?

      Your sister is an Angel and is proud of your enlightened prose as am I enriched by your life;)