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SWTOR Crew Skills Chart

Updated on September 6, 2012

SWTOR Crew Skills 101 - The Basic Concepts

If you have read my SWTOR Crafting Guide, you should know by now the importance of learning only the "related" or "supporting" skills in SWTOR. Just to give you a refresher if you forgot about it (or if you really don't know anything about SWTOR Crew Skills), you are given a chance to learn up to 3 SWTOR Crew Skills in the game: Mission Skills, Crafting Skills and Gathering Skills. You can instruct your Companions to do one of these 3 Crew Skills and in return you can either open up new paths, acquire raw materials or even gain special Dark / Light points for your character.


As I was saying, you can only learn a maximum of 3 Crew Skills in SWTOR. However, you can only learn 1 Crafting Skill out of these 3 possible Crew Skills, which means you can only focus n a Crafting Specific choice of items. There is no limit for learning the Gathering and Mission Skills though, and you can even learn 3 of each if you prefer to only farm for materials.

Here are some possible Crew Skill combinations that you can apply for your Companions:

  • 1 Crafting Skill + 1 Gathering Skill + 1 Mission Skill
  • 1 Crafting Skill + 2 Gathering Skills
  • 1 Crafting Skill + 2 Mission Skills
  • 3 Gathering Skills (for SWTOR Credit Farming)
  • 3 Mission Skills (for SWTOR Credit Farming)

Now, you might ask why is it necessary for you to choose the right set of SWTOR Crew Skills. Actually, the reason for this is pretty simple. The 3 Crew Skills in SWTOR (Gathering, Crafting and Mission) work in tandem with each other. There are 4 Gathering Skills and 4 Mission Skills in SWTOR and these skills are often used to acquire raw materials that you will need in order to successfully craft gears and equips in SWTOR (There are 6 possible Crafting Skills to choose from). So in essence, you should choose to learn only the Gathering and Mission Skills that allow you to farm the raw materials needed for Crafting. Otherwise, there is no point learning a Crafting Skill if you do not have the ability to farm the raw materials needed to start creating items.


Wait, can you make it more easier for a newbie like me?

Alright, let's dissect the issue deeper so that you'll understand why you need to view a SWTOR Crew Skills Chart first before you decide to choose which Crew Skill to learn.

For example, let's say that I chose to learn Underworld Trading (a Mission Skill) and Archaeology (a Gathering skill) along with Biochem (a Crafting Skill). Now, when I send my Companion to do Underworld Trading for me, that Companion can return with a Luxury Fabric or an Underworld Metal (raw materials). On the other hand, if I send my Companion to do some Archaeology, that Companion might return with Artifact Fragments and Colored Crystals (raw materials) as rewards. These raw materials are specific item rewards and they can only be obtained from specific Crew Skills (for example, I won't be able to acquire an Underworld Metal if I choose to send my SWTOR Companion to do Archaeology because Underworld Metal is not given as a reward for accomplishing Archaeology.)

Now, let's go back to the example. Remember that I chose Biochem for my Crafting Skill, right? According to the Skill definition of Biochem, you need to have Biochemical Samples and Biochemical Compounds in order to successfully create a new item from Biochem. This sounds good on the surface, but the problem is that I won't be able to gather Biochemical Samples and Compounds with Underworld Trading and Archaeology (which are the skills I chose). The gathering skill Bioanalysis is the only skill that allows me to acquire the Biochemical Samples and Compounds as rewards for successful Missions. And because I can't acquire the needed raw materials that are needed by Biochem, I won't be able to make use of Biochem at all. (unless of course I buy the raw materials, which is an absolute waste of money).

Now, you see why having a SWTOR Crew Skills Chart is important?

Having a SWTOR Crew Skills chart to consult before you even plan on learning your 3 crew skills is a must if you don't want to waste all of your time and money. Knowing which Gathering and Mission skills "support" a specific Crafting Skill is essential if you are to lay out the future of your characters properly. With a SWTOR Crew Skill Map to guide you, you won't even have to worry about learning the wrong set of Crew Skills at all. If you want to become a successful player in SWTOR, planning for the future is certainly expected.

Below are some SWTOR Crew Skill Maps for you to consult. Be sure to map out which skills support each other if you don't want to mess up your character in SWTOR!










That's it! Don't forget, all of the Crew Skill Maps above have the same meaning, they are just laid out in different perspectives. Just choose the one that seems "logical" to you and follow that one (personally, I'd recommend the 2nd Map because it looks nicer =)

I hope you learned something from my SWTOR Crew Skills Chart and Dependency Map Guide. Don't mess up your choice of Crew Skills now, okay? I have more SWTOR Strategies in store for you so I hope you can read more of my hubs! Thanks! =)


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Please be kind with your comments =)

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    • profile image

      Peter 2 years ago from England, UK

      I love SWTOR, but haven't played it in absolutely ages. I think I'm currently on Alderaan or somewhere similar. I love the customisation possibilities and the crew building.

      Have you played Galaxy of Heroes? If you're a Star Wars fan then it's definitely worth checking out.

    • GDRshop profile image

      GDRshop 5 years ago

      Hi Aurelio,

      In SWTOR, you can sell items that you have crafted too, although I am not familiar with Star Wars Galaxies so I can't say if they are the same or not. In SWTOR, you can either use your items or sell them, and some players prefer to be "farmers" or "merchants" by focusing only on selling the items they craft.

    • alocsin profile image

      alocsin 5 years ago from Orange County, CA

      I played the old Star Wars Galaxies game where I enjoyed the crafting so much that I set up a small shop. Is that possible in SWTOR, or is it just for helping characters? Voting this Up and Useful.