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SWTOR Fate of the Jedi

Updated on January 5, 2013

SWTOR Fate of the Jedi

Defeating Darth Angral will decide the fate of the Jedi
Defeating Darth Angral will decide the fate of the Jedi

In SWTOR, the fate of the jedi quest marks the end of Chapter one of the jedi knight class mission. The Fate of the Jedi mission sees the jedi knight trying to stop Darth Angral’s ship the Oppressor from annihilating all life on Tython. The jedi knight will learn of the use of the desolator on Uphrades. He races to Tython to stop the desolator from being used again. This will guide the hero on how to disable the reactors in the Oppressor and then defeat Darth Angral, thus saving the jedi in the process.

SWTOR Disable the Reactors in the Oppressor

Once the jedi knight miraculously boards the Oppressor, the next step is to disable the reactors that lie on board the Oppressor. Here, the jedi knight will face sith apprentices and sith lords on board the ship. Defeat them and then plunge the lightsaber into the machines to disable the reactors. Once the reactors are destroyed, enemies will enter through the gate and block the gate out of the chamber. Defeat them and then proceed to the bridge.

SWTOR Defeat Darth Angral

At the bridge, Darth Angral is in typical sith destructive mode as he refuses to allow the hero to stop him from destroying the planet. The hero is in for a big surprise as he moves in to stop Darth Angral. Instead of a two versus one situation, Kira Carsen is taken over by the Emperor and can barely fight off his influence. So the hero has to take on Darth Angral without his companion.

However, Darth Angral is actually pretty easy to defeat. Use cauterize to burn him, and then use stasis to hold him whilst he burns. Then use master strike and zealous strike to cut down on his health when he unfreezes. Before you know it, Darth Angral has been defeated.

SWTOR Defeat Kira Carsen

And then the Emperor takes over control of Kira Carsen and forces her to attack the jedi sentinel. This is true turned jedi vs jedi style. The tactics in battle are about the same as those employed to defeat Darth Angral. With the defeat of Kira Carsen, the hero can earn some light points by asking her to fight off the Emperor’s influence. Kira Carsen breaks free of the Emperor’s will and is free of the Emperor, for now………


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