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Saints Row Series Review

Updated on August 31, 2013

Saints Row

When the first Saints Row game came out it seemed like it was made as competition to the very well know Grand Theft Auto series. Everyone who played both the games had different opinions on which was best and why. Generally it was said that Grand Theft Auto had better graphics and that Saints Row was too childish. Each Saints Row is a continuation of the previous game. The first game introduced you to the saints and at the time the three rival enemies:

  • Vice Kings.
  • West Side Rollers.
  • Los Carnales.

You start of being initiated into the gang and them eventually becoming the leaders right hand man, learning about the different characters in the process. In the last mission you end up being blown up while on a boat. The next game Saints Row 2 begins with you being in a coma for over a year and realizing that everything has changed. There are 3 new gangs now:

  • The Ronin.
  • Sons of Samedi.
  • The Brotherhood.

They also include a new police type enemy known as the Ultor Corporation. Saints Row 2 ups the levels in the previous game with better weapons, better vehicles, and better graphics. They also finally let your character speak. This time your character is bringing back the saints and running as it's new leader. The rest of the story is pretty much the same as the first game. You run around doing missions in order to take control of territory from the rival gangs. They have added in a special mission in this game which to unlock you must go into the Ultor Corporation police station to start. It features the return of the old Saints leader and explains what actually happened to you. You find out that you were betrayed by your boss and that he blew you up. The end of this game is just you have beaten all the gangs and also the Ultor Corporation and have complete control of the city.


Saints Row The Third Stroy

The third game starts in a new city which is controlled by a gang known as the syndicate, the syndicate is made up of three different gangs but seem to be controlled by one. The gangs in Saints Row the Third are:

  • The Luchadores.
  • Morning Star.
  • Deckers.

Also like in the second game a new police type group, except this time more army based. About halfway through the game you are introduced to STAG an anti-gang initiative brought into to stop gang activity in the city. As usual the main story in the game is defeating rival gangs and taking their territory, but this time they have added in choices. At the end of certain missions you can choose out of two options, each will give you a different reward. In this game you end up taking out the main boss in the first few missions leaving another gang leader to take his place, you kind of take out each gang until you get to The Luchadores. This gang is the most violent and end up having a huge fight with STAG all around the city in the last mission.

Saints Row The Third Gameplay

If you thought that the Saints Row games were childish before than you aren't going to like how they have made this new game. It is now way more unrealistic and childish than before. They have many new weapons and vehicles but some are rather strange. For example you can get a car that sucks people in and then shoots them out like a cannon. The missions are unrealistic as you will notice in your first mission when you jump in and out of flying aircraft catching a fellow gang member and letting go in between. They have gotten some great new weapons with the added option of upgrading weapons to give more damage, accuracy and ammo.

They have made the upgrading of your character a lot better in this game. You can now purchase upgrades once you reach a certain level of respect. These include taking no bullet damage, fire damage, increasing followers, increasing health and many more. One of the most liked by Saints Row players is the Saints backup upgrade were the Saints will come and help you wherever you get into a gun fight. If you like fist fighting then you will love how they have made the fighting in this game, watch the video below for more details.

The best addition by far are the new army vehicles you can steal from STAG this includes Jets and Tanks which are really great to use.

Saints Row The Third Fighting

Saints Row the Third Xbox 360

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3 stars for Saints Row The Third


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