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Reality to Collecting

Updated on November 10, 2014
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Penguins: They are Dressed and Social Birds

Penguins appear as though they are wearing a tuxedo; this is a form of protection to keep them safe while they are in the water. Aquatic, and interestingly enough, 75% of their life is in the water, but they raise their young ones on land.

They feed on underwater fish, squid or krill; this depending on the location where they live. For instance, penguins living closer to the equator eat more of the fish, then again, there are those penguins living nearer to Antarctica, they will dine on something a little different called squid and krill.

If there is any interest in penguins, a fact that should be known, is the size of this dressed up aquatic, flightless bird. The larger penguin's home will be found in the colder climates, where they are able to cope with the conditions, then you will find that the smaller penguins, due to the smaller species, live in warmer climates of the cold air.

Writing about the reality of the penguin family, leads a person to have a form of art, in collecting salt and pepper shakers.

The home for a penguin salt and pepper shaker is a curio cabinet, or a place to display them.

Imagination, looking at the penguin shaker set, for just a moment, creates a thought or vision in a persons mind about the real life of this handsome bird. Your thought may include an iceberg, that may be floating, in the water, with these playful birds in formal wear.

They were the RCA Vintage Dogs

Something just caught my eye, two dogs, sitting there, had to have them, I thought, Victor, and Nipper, the RCA Vintage Dogs, in Salt Pepper Shaker form, a collection began.

My children saw my love for these adorable little critters, people, animals, buildings, and just about everything else made into shakers.

I was given these to keep my collection alive. Along with unique imagination, and knowledge of salt and pepper collecting, she always managed to bring me a salt and pepper shaker, even that much better than the last one she brought home.

Very much sentiment went into each piece, from all my children, into giving me such gifts from their heart.

Curio cabinets are made to hold special things, so a curio cabinet it was. A curio cabinet is a wood or metal framed cabinet surrounded by glass. The doors and shelves are wood or metal framed that hold glass, as well. Usually, there may be a small (like size of a nite light) light attached on the upper inner ceiling of the curio cabinet; this to show off the display of all the collections a person has. They may also have a mirror on the inner back, to give a reflection of what is held in the curio cabinet.

The design and detail is so precise on each piece. Imagination is all you need to look at these shakers and realize they represent a time, in life, a cartoon character, a person, or a bird on a tropical island, as well, a place. Drift away, a minute or two, looking at the RCA dogs, my age is showing, but as a child I do remember, very vaguely, a commercial, with a phonograph, Nipper the Dog, advertising RCA

Bugs Bunny being chased down by his pal Elmer. Cartoons, watching them regularly with my sister and brother. Aunt Jemima, too.

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The telephones, just left me in awe. Black rotary phone looks exactly like the one we had when growing up.(without the face, of course) If some had a little bit more money, they were able to get to have the fancier one. Growing up in a larger family, the black one was more practical and the only one in our house.

Monks are very special from St. Francis of Assisi, as well, they were given a blessing. Me, raised a catholic, having a blessing to something makes it that much holier. (please any non-religious person don't take wrong in any way) They have a little crochet doily that sits beneath their feet.

Remember the Alamo? What really happened on those days? The Alamo, we read about in school, and who is this man standing here with some one holding his gun, having a show down? Could that be Bat Masterson fighting his last gun battle?

Reading stories about windmills, dutchman and maidens, looking at these makes a person gradually go to another place, visions of bits and pieces of a humble background across the ocean on the other side of the world.

Should I go to the sea, this afternoon, just for a while, stroll along the beach, and watch pelicans as they fly nearby. When I return, I will see some snow, two snowmen, feeding the birds.

Salt, pepper shaker collections are neat to have, they can take you just about anywhere, you would like to visit, if only you let your imagination run wild.


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