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Sample Inventory Reports of dota

Updated on June 12, 2010

Dota is something that is heavily reliant on your inventory, that results in many sample inventory builds being circulated on the internet. The common question is what do I get? And to look for their answers in grabbing a perfect build people search the internet for sample inventory reports. Some people even use and bind custom hot keys to their inventory items for easier access. That is how important the inventory report in a game of dota is.

Some are so intense as to even rip out their keys away from the keyboard like the Korean professional gamers do. For others they download a program to bind the inventory item key to a more accessible location. A common one is for sandking players who bind the Blink key from their item kelen’s dagger onto a place closer to their epicenter button. This allows them to have a faster combo when dealing out the damage to the opposing team. In a matter of seconds the sandking can report a victory.

Another useful thing is that you can bind your usual skills to standardized hot keys, so even if you use different heroes at different times you will only be mashing the same buttons. The problem with that however is that you may not be allowed to use custom hotkeys during tournament play, as they are worried about disguised cheating programs smuggled into the custom hotkeys tools. There are also other reasons to prevent that, but if you are playing at home on your garena then that should be fine.

Sample Inventory Report for Dota
Sample Inventory Report for Dota

Besides having easier access to your dota inventory database module through the software, there are other forms of inventory management activities that can take place. The inventory is something that is limited to 6 items and can be quickly filled up with tiny items or remain mostly empty if something late game is being farmed for like an eaglehorn. The function of your items is of course to improve performance through its addition of statistics, so there would be a name, a description as well as the pure hard numbers of how the item will benefit you in the affray .

Throughout the match, items will be combined and modified or even sold and used. Many different permutations occur that would be beyond inventory contemplation. And that ends this start of sample inventory reports.


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