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Sample Inventory Reports on IMO

Updated on May 21, 2010

This hub will give you some tips on how to manage your bags and give a sample inventory management to help you with your items in the game of IMO on the iphone. You could even make sample inventory reports out of it once you've tidied your inventory space.

There are only a few kinds of bag spaces and sizes and types in the world of magic of IMO. There are the 3 slot and 4 slot bags that can be purchased for about 2000 and 8000 respectively. They can also be obtained through an alternative fashion. The leather crafter in the middle left of town has a chance of trading either of the bags for 5 cured leather, which in turn is converted from 25 ruined leather. There is also a tailor at the top right of the map who would trade in once again a chance of a bag for 5 modified form of the 25 boar's tail hair.

As for the next up bag, that would be the 5 slot spider bag. There are two possible ways to obtain this, both of which might end up in you getting a lousier roll of a 4 slot bag. The first and much harder as well as rare way is to have it drop off a white spider. The other is to farm up to 100 spider silks and then turn it in to the cloth and silk NPC that was mentioned in the paragraph above.

Finally for the biggest sized bag in the game at the moment, that would be the Mushroom Bag, it comes in the starter pack that is purchasable at $2.99 from the premium shop along with other bundles. It is a decent bag and is soulbound. If you are wondering it has 7 slots!

If you are wondering where the background is from, it comes from Siras Plains, which is rather bereft of people. Now with your tidied up bagpack space, you can go off and make some sample inventory reports to chronicle your time in IMO!


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