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Samurai vs Zombies Defense - Available For Android and iOS - Hack, Whack, and Electrocute Those Zombies!

Updated on October 22, 2013

Loads of Fun - Samurai vs. Zombies Defense will keep your eyes and fingers glued to your device for hours

Samurai vs Zombies Defense for Android and iOS pieces fun and video games together like a huge TV and a video gaming addict! The game play is very smooth as is the controls; instead of pressing buttons to swipe your sword or shoot your arrows, you move your samurai within attacking range of those zombies and he automatically attacks. The only button pressing you'll be doing is for your magic or eating some sushi.

Once you have gotten the game controls down and have learned that the princess fused her soul with the ancient gate you will desperately protect, the game becomes more fun! On each and every level you can freely use up your bonus items at any time in the game. Cups and pots of tea increase your summoning bar so you can summon tiny samurais or little lady assassin ninjas that join your defense. Once the swarms of zombies come out and try to demolish the ancient gate, your helping army will do their best.

You can get these bonus items from monster drops or by playing Pachinko.

Pachinko Prizes - Play the in-game pinball machine to win powerups and bonus items for you samurai

The replay value of Samurai vs Zombies Defense is very high. Pachinko is an ancient style Japanese pinball game and the object here is to get those tiny silver balls into the Vegas slot machine in the middle so you can win prizes such as Glu coins, sushi, cups of tea, pots of tea, money charms, lucky charms, power charms, you name it! After chopping up a zombie to pieces on the battlefield, it drops those Pachinko pin balls along with other prizes and it is your duty as a samurai to pick them up before they disappear. You can also buy 50 Pachinko pin balls for 20 Glu coins but its more funner hacking away at those zombies, watching them explode into multiple prizes. Snatch up those pinballs and play them in Pachinko to win prizes!

Save your gorgeous princess from the hordes of darkness

The gorgeous graphics are very, very attractive; you defend your Japanese temple against hordes of zombies that keep a comin' and a comin'. The beginning movie is fun to watch, you see the story unfold and each pixel on your phone will burst vibrantly with color. Heck, even the zombies explode gorgeously into blood and bones.

Samurai vs Zombies is one free game, yep, this game is free, and this freebie of a game is one that you do not want to pass up. The bosses are huge, the battles are huge and epic, but most of all, the game is fun and addicting, not to mention the very high replay value that this game gives.


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