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Save Game To The Cloud: Never Lose Your Savegame, Play Anywhere You Have the Game, Console or PC!

Updated on July 23, 2013
The Cloud... storage for your savegames!
The Cloud... storage for your savegames!


Did this ever happen to you?

You visit your friend or your relative's house, and you have access to their console or PC. You brought a game to play, but realized all your savegames are at home.

You accidentally saved over a valuable savegame of your highest character in whatever game you play, or the savegame was corrupted and you lost hours (hundreds of hours?) of progress, and it was your favorite character.

PC and console game makers know your pain. They have increasing started implementing what's known as "save to cloud", or "cloud save". It means your savegames are copied into your private space in the Internet and thus if your local copy was destroyed you can restore from the backup, or you can restore on a different console or PC, allowing you to play almost anywhere with access to Internet.

Here, we will discuss the various ways this is done, and how you can implement cloud save.

Sony Playstation 3

Sony's Playstation 3 is meant to be connected to the Internet, and those who subscribe to PS Plus has an official Sony Cloud Save for the games that support it.

There is also a third-party solution for PS3's that are CFW enabled, that allow you to save to your Google Drive space instead.

Microsoft Xbox 360

Microsoft's console, Xbox 360, also has cloud storage, and it is quite simple to use it. Follow the link to official Microsoft instructions.

Windows PC

Due to the diversity of Windows PC gaming, there are many solutions.

For those using Steam (, many of the Steam games are already SteamCloud enabled. You can find which games have support for SteamCloud save by doing Steam game search and use advanced search filter. Each game's Store Description will also tell you if it supports SteamCloud save. If your game has this, then there's nothing to worry about. If you delete the game, then redownload later, it would be as if you've never deleted it from your hard drive... just start the game and and you'll be starting exactly where you left off.

Steam Cloud support are built into many new games
Steam Cloud support are built into many new games

For other games that are NOT SteamCloud save compatible, there is always GameSave Manager, which is a free program for the Windows PC. You can download it here.

This program is very flexible and very simple to use. You can use the big three: Dropbox, Google Drive, or Microsoft SkyDrive. Each of which gives you at least 5GB of space. No support yet, so feel free to suggest it for their next revision! For those who remember what is a FTP server, you can set one up yourself and use that instead.

Install the small program (less than 10 MB, should take only 1 minute), Unpack the ZIP file into a directory on the desktop, and run the included EXE file. You will need to run it with Admin privileges, as it needs to scan your hard drive for all the games you own. Go ahead and use the "install" option.

Run it when it's installed, then let it scan your hard drive (only needs to do this once, unless you want it to scan for new games you installed). Once it has updated your games database, you have three choices: backup, schedule task, or Sync & Link.

Backup makes a local backup: all the savegames are copied as is, zipped, and kept as an archive on your own hard drive. You can then restore as you see fit when you need them.

Schedule Task means setup the PC so it will periodically backup your savegames, such as daily snapshots, but still local.

The fanciest option, the true "cloud save", is the "Sync & LInk" option. This truly moves all your savegames to the cloud (you have a local copy, of course) but the files are backed up into the cloud. Choose which games you want to do this with. The process time depends on how many games have you installed, and often you can find savegames left behind from games that you have already uninstalled long ago.

If you have a game that is not specifically supported by GameSave Manager, no problem... use the "Custom Gamesave Entries" option and set it up any way. However, you have to know where did the game store its savegames.

The program also supports custom profiles for custom controllers, such as the Belkin / Razer Nostromo. As those are often customized, saving the profiles into the cloud is very helpful. (Even better if you store the drivers / config program installer into the Cloud as well!)

Are You Using Cloud Storage for Your Savegames Now?

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With cheap and free cloud storage widely available, there really is no excuse to lose your savegames. So setup your cloud save option and never lose another savegame.


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