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Save The Frogs: Play online free frog games

Updated on June 28, 2011

Will you help the frogs?

We all love frogs. Some of us love to listen to them squonk and ribbet and flop around all night long in a nearby swamp. Some of us love them with a little butter and salt. However you like your frogs prepared, sometimes these loveable amphibians need your help to get where they need to be. Every once in a while we need to take time away from Call of Duty and Wii Fit in order to lend a hand to a few hapless frogs.

The time has come for you to step forward and help some frogs.

As we all know, frogs perch precariously on lily pads and damp rocks. Many of us many not know that these critters sometimes find themselves hopelessly stuck in traffic jams. The swamp becomes a gridlocked pool of yucky slimy unhappy frogs. Dehydration ensues.

Your job is to unravel the hopelessly confused flow of frogs. Use your mouse to get them jumping and hopping into proper sequence. It's easy, if you're a high-functioning sentient being who enjoys a lofty perch on the food chain.

Frogs await your assistance.
Frogs await your assistance. | Source

How can you help the frogs?

The game opens with 6 frogs and seven rocks. Frogs are segregated by color into 2 conflicted subclasses. Rocks are pretty much all the same.

Your challenge is to coax the frogs into jumping in a proper sequence such that the light green ones swap rocks with the brown ones. We don't know the back story: perhaps a long-standing feud between frog clans has bubbled to the surface of the swamp. We wonder why swapping places in the swamp has suddenly become so important, but we're not here to judge. It's difficult enough being a frog: one would think that they'd be apt to stick together and join forces against the snakes, but evidently not.

To summarize, the light green frogs begin the game on the left three rocks and the brown frogs perch on the rightmost three rocks. Between the two clans is an empty rock. Somehow, the frogs must be hopped into exchanging sides. That's it: that's the game.

There are no hazards. No raptors swoop down to snatch your frogs. No tadpoles require attention. There's no timer that expires. Actually, there's no timer at all. Time waits for everyone In this world.

Can you realign the frogs?

It is possible to lose this game. Clicking indiscriminately on frogs will cause them to jump forward until the open rock is not accessible to any of them. You may find yourself in a relatively untenable situation and the frogs won't be thrilled, either.

None of the frogs can jump backward (these are depressingly obstinate frogs.) Be very careful with your guidance. Should you disrupt the progress of your charges such that no more hops are possible, click on the button labeled Reiniciar. We didn't know what that meant, either. It turns out to be Spanish for 'reboot' or 'recommence.' The game is unclear as to whether or not the same six frogs are reset to their original positions or a pack of new frogs is recruited from nearby bogs and puddles.

Here's how to lose.
Here's how to lose.

Losing is simple

Eventually, you end up with the empty rock in a bad place. Since your helpless frogs refuse to jump backward, the game is over because no more moves are possible. All you can do is click the reset button and try again. The game provides a never-ending supply of frogs.

How do you win?

You can't.

Extensive research by our team of experts indicates that this 'game' is impossible to win. Success is a glimmering golden lily pad on the horizon across a dry barren desert inhabited by sadness and frustration. We played it at least 10 times.

Here's proof that the game is winnable.
Here's proof that the game is winnable. | Source

Eventually, we did win

How we won remains a mystery. The trick seems to be...

We're not revealing the trick. Go save the frogs yourself. You'll feel better and the swamp will remain a peaceful refuge for creatures that belong there anyway.

Don't hate us because we persevere. Our love for frogs abides. We cannot browse away from needy amphibians, regardless of their color or physical orientation. The little fellows needed our help and we delivered. We came through in the clutch. We stepped up.


We've played more entertaining games, but none that involved 6 nearly identical frogs and 7 rocks. This very well may be the most challenging free online game involving frog-realignment that is currently available on the Internet. We'll be on the lookout for copycat frog jumping games: stay alert.


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    • Robwrite profile image


      7 years ago from Oviedo, FL

      I'm not sure I want to Kermit myself to playing this game. Oops, I mean commit.

    • The Frog Prince profile image

      The Frog Prince 

      7 years ago from Arlington, TX

      Did somebody say FROGS? LMAO

      Great Hub

      The Frog Prince

    • drbj profile image

      drbj and sherry 

      7 years ago from south Florida

      Also obsessive and compulsive . . . but fun.

    • profile image 

      7 years ago

      Online frog games are seriously addictive!


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