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Scarah Screams wins the Comic Con 2012 vote

Updated on July 18, 2012

For over a year, there has been a vote for the character which fans would love to bring to life. The characters contesting were the Headless headmistress, Scarah Screams and the daughter of Arachne. Three of them were innovative in their own way. Though my vote went for the One Headed headmistress, majority vote went for Scarah Screams, the daughter of the Banshee.

If you want to know more about this doll and where you can buy her, check Scarah Screams Doll Review.

All it takes to be a Comic Con Exclusive Doll

The scary part of Scarah is her eyes with indiscernible pupils. She seems to love wearing green skirts, but they aren't the usual cool green, rather have a venomous shade. Nevertheless, when we see her posing beside her friend Hoodude Voodoo, she fills the air with warmth. On the whole, what I feel would have been the reason for Scarah Scream's victory is this. She looks scary enough for a ghoul, yet warm enough not to scare children.

Frankie Stein was the Comic Con Exclusive DOll for 2011 and that being a limited edition, I know how rare the doll had gotten thenafter. I am sure, Scarah Scream would get rarer as the craze for Monster High Dolls has been increasing day by day.

Where to buy Scarah Screams Doll

Ever since the doll got chosen as the SDCC Comic Con Exclusive Doll for 2012, people have been dying to buy the doll. She seems to be sold out everywhere, but I found her at Ebay.


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