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Fun Scavenger Hunt Clues for Adults

Updated on January 6, 2017
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FunScavengerHunts is here to try ind bring people together with scavenger hunts and photo scavenger hunts ...

Make your scavenger hunt clues for adults a little cheeky.
Make your scavenger hunt clues for adults a little cheeky. | Source

For decades children all around the world have enjoyed going on scavenger hunts. There’s nothing quite like the excitement and wonder of a good search, and there’s no better way to bring it to people than through these hunts. But many people stop participating in scavenger hunts after they reach adulthood. Things don’t have to be that way! Scavenger hunts are for every one of all ages. All you need are some decent scavenger hunt clues for adults.

That’s it. That’s the most important part of any hunt: good clues. But clues written for children won’t quite cut it for you and your friends now that you’re older, will they? Of course not! But before you write them…

Pick the Type of Scavenger Hunt You’re Doing

You need to know what the end goal of your scavenger hunt is before you start planning it or writing the scavenger hunt clues for adults. It really boils down to how competitive you want things to be and how many mementos you want to keep. If you want an ultra-competitive hunt then you’re going to want to host a timed, traditional object retrieval hunt.

You’re adults, after all, so there’s no need to worry about everyone being a winner so that no one gets their feelings hurt. You can handle a little competition now. So don’t be afraid to up the ante even more and put some sort of prize on the line. If you can’t come up with a decent prize then have everyone pitch in some money. Nothing motivates players more than cold hard cash.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for something more nostalgic you can go with a photo scavenger hunt. This kind of hunt entails photographing different things rather than picking them up and bringing them back. It also conveniently creates instant memories. The best way to get good pictures is to require players to photograph themselves doing different tasks, such as dancing in public, or wearing ridiculous outfits. Remember, the photos are what they’re really bringing back, and you can instruct players to take photos of anything you’d like. Just try not to break any laws or bones in the process.


Writing the Adult Scavenger Hunt Clues

Now that you and the other players have grown up, you no longer get confused by simple riddles or brain teasers. So the first thing you need to do when writing the scavenger hunt clues for adults is to up the difficulty. An overly easy hunt is no fun for anyone and there’s little satisfaction in winning one. So don’t just make the clues kind of hard—make them legitimately difficult.

Really take your time on this part. Sit down and craft some good riddles. If you’re with a group of people that you know intimately well – such as friends that you’ve known your entire life – then don’t be afraid to toss in personal references. Just make sure that the references you make will be well received and understood by the other participants. You don’t want to bring up a sore subject or hurt anyone’s feelings. Inside jokes are a good place to start.

While writing the clues also consider what places are significant to your friends and the times you’ve had with them. Is there a particular place that means a lot to all of you? Is there an old hangout that you don’t frequent anymore? It could be interesting to make it a focal point somehow, either by placing objects there, or by using a string of clues to lead players there for the end game.

If you want to participate in the hunt as a player then you’re going to want to have someone else write the clues so that you don’t have an advantage. This person will need a good working knowledge of you and the other players if you want to keep the personal, inside joke vibe going on. Alternatively, you could try to crowd source the clues amongst the other players. If every player contributes a clue/objective or two, then no one person will have a huge advantage over the other players. This is one of the fairest ways to go about things.

If you have to be the one writing the clues and you still want to participate as a player then try to just list out objects to be collected (or things/events to be photographed) that you know might be around, but you don’t have a specific knowledge of their locations. You still have an edge in this scenario because you know the list ahead of time, but it’s better than knowing everything before the hunt starts.


Remember: There’s No Need for Censorship

When writing the scavenger hunt clues for adults and hosting the hunt itself you need to remember that everyone involved is mature enough to handle obscenities and other such mature content. Just because people often consider scavenger hunts to be a kids’ game doesn’t mean you have to keep things sanitized and proper. If you’re with friends that are used to you cursing or making dirty jokes then feel free to make them. Include whatever quirks you’d like within the clues or the hunts.

Involve alcohol in the event if you’d like, but be responsible about it. Don’t let anyone drink if they have to drive, and don’t make drinking a requirement. There’s a difference between having a good time and drinking until you feel half-dead. Know that difference and cut people off if you have to. There’s absolutely no need for anyone to get hurt because of a scavenger hunt. This might seem obvious to you, but you can never be too careful, so make sure everyone is clear on how much they’ve had and when to stop one another from taking another shot.

If you work hard enough then you can quickly turn what some consider a children’s game into a mind bending, highly memorable, good time. Just grab a few friends and enjoy some good old fashioned competition!

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© 2014 Brett


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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      This is great! Thanks! I'm totally going to use some of these for my upcoming event in Denver:

    • DealForALiving profile image

      Sam Deal 

      5 years ago from Earth

      Thanks for sharing your scavenger hunt ideas


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