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Scavenger Hunt Ideas: Lists and Planning

Updated on August 1, 2012

The Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is a great way to host a children's birthday party, or have fun with your friends if you're an adult. A scavenger hunt is great for all ages, and they are usually really cheap so they will be accessible and lots of fun for everyone. You may not be familiar with the different types of scavenger hunts and all the potential things you can do to make your scavenger hunt more fun. This site will show you some of those fun things you can do as well as give you some great ideas for lists and planning.

Different Types of Scavenger Hunts: Great Ideas

Classic Scavenger Hunt-- create a list of clues for hunters to find.  The list of clues is pretty simple such as find this or find that.  The items are usually hidden and require time to look for.  The challenge is finding the different items. 

Picture Scavenger Hunt-- Participants take photos of items on the scavenger hunt list.  Instead of simply finding the items, you can have players strike poses, or do things, and have pictures to document it.  Digital cameras have become cheap and affordable making this option rather inexpensive. 

Destination Hunt--  A series of clues that follow a trail leading to a destination.  Each clue leads to the next clue, and then the next and finally to something big at the end. 

Internet Scavenger Hunt--  Search for items on the internet.  The scavenger hunt may be a list of complex trivia questions, and the contestants have to race to find the answers fastest.  A timed scavenger hunt can be cheap and easy. 

Sound Scavenger Hunt-- Contestants bring an audio recording device and search for certain sounds.  They record the sounds and then are scored based on how many sounds they recorded at the end.  One of the lesser known types of scavenger hunts. 


Ideas to Use in Your List

The Object-- In the classic scavenger hunt you have the hunters look for a hidden object. Hide an object somewhere or several objects and have the scavenger hunter's search the area looking for the object. You might put something written on the object or ask what color the object is for varification that they actually found it.

Movies and Art-- Have the scavenger hunter's search for a DVD or famous work of art. This works great if you're doing a scavenger hunt at the mall, or in a museum.

Famous Look-alikes-- This is particularly fun in a photo scavenger hunt, have the scavenger hunters search for someone who looks like a famous actor. Have them take a picture with the person or get them to write their name.

Words and Numbers-- Have the people in your scavenger hunt search for a specific word or a number. The word might be on a sign, a billboard or elsewhere. Have them document the location of the number, or take a picture for a picture scavenger hunt.

Actions-- Have the scavenger hunters look for someone doing something. You may say something like look for a firefighter or someone who fights crime. You also might stick with something simple like a store clerk or a janitor. This also works great for photo scavenger hunts.

A picture-- This may be a picture of someone famous like the mayor in your town.  A picture is an easy item to search for and adds variety. 

A Flyer-- A flyer might be something unique and difficult to find depending on where you are. 

Miscellaneous Items-- Ask the scavenger hunters to bring back a paperclip, a specific color pencil, or other small items that might be difficult to find. 


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    • profile image

      samunro 4 years ago

      Your destination hunt sounds a lot like what I would call a treasure hunt. Is there any reason that you did not go with that name?