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Science Toys Stretch Young Minds

Updated on May 9, 2011

Education Through Exploration

Hands-on discovery is something every young mind can benefit from.  Whether using items from the kitchen cupboard to create a homemade volcano, or putting together pieces out of a kit to construct a windmill replica, exposing science to kids is so important.

As children, me and my sister worked with her mini microscope to see what a shaft of hair looked like under a variety of lenses, and what a drop of saliva might show up when magnified.  Growing up with other girls definately varied from what my boys delved into as children, and I actually learned a lot from my kids as they explored their world.

It is quite impressive to see the options available for toys in the area of science.  Your kids can have their own science lab right at home, performing all kinds of amazing experiments. 

Geared toward children as young as four years old, there are many great kits to choose from.

Primary Science Set

Real science tools sized for little hands. Early exploration with colorful acivities geared toward science processing skills.

Includes ten acitivity cards, beaker,magnifying glass, funnel, eyedropper, flask, tweezers, goggles, three test tubes with stand, and activity guide.

Ten "kooky" experiments for inspiring inquisitive minds.

4 years +

Backyard Explorer Kit

Discover all the exciting critters in your backyard! 

Build a birdfeeder and a worm motel.  Catch live bugs and see what they look like through a microscope.  Even make a sundial and experiment with shadows.

Ages four and up

Alternative Energy Wind Power

Build a working wind turbine

Harness mechanical energy from wind to lift weights

Generate electricity to light an LED and charge a battery

Let your kids discover why wind is such a promising energy source

Ant farm Amped Up

My Uncle Milton ant farm was the best!

The Fascinations Antworks set brings the ant farm up to date

Watch the ants explore, discover, and develop new territories

The added ants transform your design into their own creations

Three years and up

First Microscope

Both you parents, and your kids will have a blast viewing all kinds of specimens!

Has 40x, 100x, and 400x magnifications

Real glass optics

Battery operated

50 piece accessory kit


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