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Scooby Doo First Frights Wii Game Review

Updated on April 1, 2011

My daughter saw I was writing various product reviews, and asked me if she could write a product review for the Scooby Doo First Frights Wii game. She was not sure where to start, and was jumping around a lot to get her ideas down. Therefore I decided to do this review in an interview style. I hope you enjoy her review.

What do you think about this game?

I think this game is pretty cool, because you can play more than one player at a time. You can also play with a partner. Eventually you will be able to play all the Scooby Doo mystery game characters. You can play two characters per level. The characters are Shaggy, Scooby, Fred, Daphne, and Velma.

How many levels are there?

There are four episodes with twenty levels in total. Each episode has its own mystery. The first story is about talent show that is being haunted by a phantom. They have not been able to finish one dress rehearsal. The second story is about an amusement park that has a giant robot toy which is scaring everyone away. The third story is set by the sea at a vacation spot where a giant lobster monster is scaring everyone away. The last story is at a weird castle that has a family curse.

Did you enjoy the stories, and which one did you like the most?

I did enjoy the stories. I liked the last story the most, because you get to fight the mythological creatures like the werewolf. At the end you get to fight this woman who knows very powerful magic.

When are the bosses revealed?

The boss will be revealed at the end of each story. You need to pay attention to the story, because you will have to guess who it is after you beat the boss. If you get it right you get a mask as a reward.

What the different rewards in the game?

There are Scooby snacks in the game everywhere. Collect as many as you can, so you can buy costumes. The different costumes give the characters different abilities. Each character has two costumes they can wear during the game. One costume you need to find in a chest that is placed somewhere in the game. The other costume you can buy.

Scooby Doo medallions are like Scooby Doo snacks. Each medallion is equal to 500 Scooby snacks. There are very few in the game, and they can help you get trophies. You get the trophies by accomplishing various tasks in the game. The hearts are used to regain courage. If your courage gets too low, your character will go hide. You can find hearts close to fighting areas.

Scooby Doo Fan Poll

Which did you like the best?

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What do you like best about the game?

What I like the best is fighting the villains. Fighting the villains is the main part of the game. You do have to figure how to get to various areas. Also, you have to collect puzzle pieces that form a clue to help solve the mystery. They do make some jokes in the game to make it funny like in the shows.

What do you hate the most about the game?

I hate the creepy dolls that attack you in the second episode. I also dislike when I can’t find a puzzle piece when I already looked everywhere for it.

How do you control the characters?

You can control the characters with your Wii remote. The easiest way to hold the remote is sideways with the numbers on your right, and arrows on your left. You can also use the remote with your nun chuck to move your character around.

Is the Scooby Doo Wii game like the Scooby Doo cartoons or movies?

It is somewhat like them, because Scooby and Shaggy get chased around by villains like in the cartoons and movies. Only once in every episode they get chased, but otherwise they are fighting. During the talking parts, they are always taking about food and where to find it. Velma is the smart one, Fred is usually the one with the plan, and Daphne has fighting skills like in the movie. She is not being captured all the time like in the cartoons.

Will other Scooby Doo fans enjoy this game?

If you love Scooby Doo, you will enjoy this game. You get to do what they kind of did in the actual shows and movies. My sisters and I really enjoyed this game the first time we every played it. Even though we already played it through to the end, we still love it, and keep replaying over and over again.

Warning from the mom:

There is only one warning I would give about this game. If you are sensitive to a lot of movement in games, this will make you dizzy and nauseous. There are a few people like my self who have a bad stigmatism or something else where they can not watch constant movement on the screen. This game isn’t bad when the characters are talking, or are not moving very fast. When playing with my kids, who constantly move the characters around, I get into trouble. I tend not to play this game with them very often.

The only thing I don’t like is the characters can not split up and search different areas at the same time like in the Wii game Ghostbusters. It could be a pro and used to teach corporation if the kids are willing to listen to each other, and not quit or storm off somewhere else.


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