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Scooter toxic products appear in Vietnam

Updated on March 24, 2016

Electric scooters can sample different styles, engines and batteries located in the rear wheel cleverly hidden under the floor to foot.

Fancy scooter model appearing in Hanoi is a scooter from China with fancy design, not cumbersome and more as electric bicycles and electric scooters today, and to those of automobile tires.

The reason for bringing style skateboard half-breed half-breed electric vehicle because this product is an alternative for pedestrians in the city. Vehicles include only details such smooth frame, saddle, tires. The section does not directly operate manipulation are cleverly hidden.

Sized car

Sized car 1,756 mm long, 1,200 mm wide and 750 mm high, 1,296 mm wheelbase. Ground clearance is only 80 mm to form this scooter is not the solution to bad roads. Seat height 700 mm.
60 kg vehicle weight, load capacity up to 200 kg. Aluminum alloy frame. Wheel disc brakes both 180 mm diameter. The highlight of the car is the car's tires as large as 241 mm in size.

Engined rear wheel axle

Engined rear wheel axle with a capacity of 800 W, equivalent to 1 horsepower. 36V 7.8 AH lithium battery, detachable for charging with full charging time of 4-5 hours. When complete vehicle battery is 80 km, a top speed of 45 km / h.

Electric scooter in China with selling prices of almost 780 USD.


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