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Scottish Bridge - Some Card Game Rules

Updated on August 14, 2010

 Bridge is among the most popular card games, played for fun and also professionally. The Scottish Bridge Union was formed in 1933, enabling further national championships and friendly game playing. There are several Scottish bridge card game championships held around the world to date, such as the Commonwealth Nations Bridge Championship. The aim of Scottish bridge is to take as many tricks as possible.

Scottish Bridge Basic Rules

Scottish bridge is played with four people, split into two teams of two. Each team pair must sit opposite each other during the game. Scottish bridge requires one pack of 52 playing cards. Each Scottish bridge player must be dealt thirteen cards each, at the start of the game. The primary card player is the player to the left of the card dealer.

Contract Rules

There are five different card ranks in the game of Scottish bridge—clubs, diamonds, hearts, spades and notrump (NT), and they must be ranked in this same order during the game. Each player must follow suit of the previous player, when possible.

Each player must take their turn in clockwise order.
The first player decides the first card suit, NT or a pass.
Each following player must decide to either bid, double, pass or redouble on their turn.
If three consecutive players pass after a bid, the auction must finish, making the final bid the contract. If the final bid is a suit, that suit is the trump.

Auction Rules

'Declarer' is the first team player that bids the denomination of the last contract.
Players on the left and right side of the declarer are the defenders.
The opening lead is led by the left defender.
When the left defender makes the opening lead, the declarers partner display's their cards.

Hand Evaluation Rules

In Scottish Bridge there are a maximum of forty points in a whole pack of cards, as each suit equals to a point score of ten. Ace, Jack, King and Queen are the high cards (Honors); the Ace is four points, the Jack is one point, the King is three points, and the Queen is two points.


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