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Scrapbooking or How I Keep My Sanity

Updated on July 4, 2015

Scrappin' My Life Away!

I survive motherhood by finding humor in our day-to-day struggles but sometimes moms need our own time. We need to go "play" with other moms. So moms should have a play date. This summer my play date was a weekly scrap booking session. Five - ten women would gather in a couple of rooms for a couple of hours and take the photographs of our family and put them into albums. Some might ask how is that having "me" time when we are doing something for our family. Trust me...if given the choice - most of these women would choose these scrap booking sessions.

In the Beginning...

In the beginning we would ask each other how our pages looked and asked for comments or suggestions for those pages. As the weeks progressed we progressed to asking each other more serious questions - questions about how to deal with children and in-law issues. The suggestions at this point were sometimes on the mark and sometimes very humorous. When these discussions took place, very little scrap booking got done. But I know that everyone felt better when they left for the night.

Scrapbooking for Beginners

Why we should scrap!

"Mom" Time

Unfortunately our families don't always understand how a night with a group of other moms makes us "feel" better and be better moms. They want to see results - product. So on the day following our sessions, I would proudly show my family the "pages" I worked on the previous night. My husband and one of my daughters would look at them, nod and say something like "Looks great!" However, my youngest (the more sharper tool in the shed) would look at the page and say "Mom, you worked on that page last week". "Yes, I did, but this week I added 'that' sticker to the page." With that she usually would walk away - with me shouting after her - "I journaled too!"

This past weekend I attended an ALL day scrap booking session. Eight hours of cropping/scraping pictures. We got tickets for every page completed so we had motivation to actually work. Some were on a mission to complete whole albums! But there was plenty of other talking going on.

The most interesting/sad part of the day came when there was about 20 minutes left in the day. Phones started ringing. Husbands not used to spending 8 hours with their children by themselves were beginning to call. I hope in the future these husbands will let their wives enjoy the WHOLE day - all 8 hours - before getting back to the family.

So - do you Scrap?

What do you do with your photos?

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The Next Session!

I heard there will be another all day session. I hear the next one is a possible sleepover! Who's ready to pull an all-nighter!

Getting my photos together!

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    • AlisonMeacham profile image

      AlisonMeacham 8 years ago

      I have made some scrapbooks with my children and we all really enjoy it. Perhaps we need to get out more and join other scrapbookers though! Squid Angel Blessings to you

    • Senora M profile image

      Senora M 8 years ago

      I love scrapbooking, but it takes so long sometimes! I just spent hours last week and got about 15 pages done minus journaling... I have a 9 month old that keeps me busy!

    • Lee Hansen profile image

      Lee Hansen 8 years ago from Vermont

      I have boxes of photos, photos on the computer, photos on flash cards - and boxes of keepsakes. All these await me to go into 3 lovely scrapbooks that sit patiently awaiting me. I need to make time to start at least one part of the project. Organizing the pix is probably #1. Thanks for the inspiration and motivation. This year I will begin my scrapbooks. Really.

    • profile image

      tdove 9 years ago

      Thanks for joining G Rated Lense Factory!