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Screen Protectors for the 3DS

Updated on March 26, 2011

Do I Really Need a Screen Protector for my 3DS?

Well considering the 3DS is not out just yet, no you will not need one. But when Nintendo's newest handheld console hits stores this February in Japan and March in North America, you will definately want to  invest in some serious protection measures. The most important being screen protectors for your 3DS.

The whole gaming world is waiting to get their greedy hands on the new 3DS despite it's speculated slightly inflated price tag. If you're going to drop the funds on a sexy new gaming device capable of 3D images without the need for glasses, you're going to want some extra protection to keep the screens fresh and free of scratches and dirt.

Plus the 3DS is going to be powerful. On par with the latest smart phones, and it's been rumored that nintendo has even been gearing up with hollywood studios to perhaps allow downloads of movies in 3d directly to the device. Fantastic news right? Yeah it is, so that's why you're going to want to make sure you get the most crisp and clean picture. Especially with 3D movies and gaming any serious scratch will seriously ruin the 3D effect. Just imagine watching Avatar or playing Mario and having to see nasty scratch lines distorting the image.

The Touch Screen

Only the top screen will be used for 3D, but the bottom screen is important too. It's a touch screen so it's going to be one of your main means of controlling the device. I know from experience with DS that a scratched up and dirty touch screen can ruin your gaming experience. Dirt can actually even get stuck around the edge of screen and cause the screen to lose it's sensitivity over time. Also the stylus itself can cause scratches if it comes in contact with dirt on the screen. A simple solution is to use a screen protector.

Once the screen protector gets scratched up and too dirty to use, you can swap it out for a new one.

DS screens and 3DS screens are not the same!

Both of the 3DS's screens are bigger than the original DS, DS lite and DSi, so make sure to pickup the right screen protection. The 3DS also has better screens so again, a screen guard is even more important this time around. 


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