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Scribblenauts Unlimited walkthrough: St. Asterisk and The Under Line

Updated on January 11, 2013

St. Asterisk

A hospital with some serious issues, St. Asterisk is populated by one of Maxwell's brothers, an angry heart (literally), some sports fans who would rather be elsewhere and a confused stork. Clear out these weirdoes so some normal patients can occupy the wards.

Who gives the task?
Give me something that I can use to perform surgery!
Surgeon in the entrance
Your brother is ailing, and a Surgeon needs help. Give her something even remotely similar to a medical tool, such as a 'scalpel', 'saw' or 'chainsaw'.
Starite Shard; unlocks Kenpo
Help me laugh again!
Clown on the second floor
The Clown wants something to cheer him up. Another Clown or a Comedian can do the trick - or you can apply the adjective 'laughing' to let him amuse himself.
Starite Shard
Stop the attacking heart!
Nurse on the third floor
The Heart is angry. Add the adjective 'happy' to the errant organ.
Starite Shard
I need new equipment for the hospital!
Orthopaedist on the third floor
The hospital is coming up short on quality equipment. Give the doctor something from a hospital or doctor's office, such as a stethoscope.
Starite Shard
Seeing something painted with my team colors would really motivate me to win the race!
Patients on the fourth floor
These two guys just want an object painted either red or blue. The object does not matter. ('Friendly blue vampire', anyone?)
Starite Shard
I left what I was delivering to the transplant patient behind!
Paramedic on the roof
Pick an organ and give it to the Paramedic. She'll be happy regardless of what you choose. Eww.
Starite Shard
I forgot what I was supposed to be delvering! Can you help me?
Stork on the roof
The Stork needs to deliver a 'baby'. In this case, however, 'baby' can be an adjective - it will take a 'human baby' as readily as it will take a 'baby walrus'.
Starite Shard
Doctors on Call!
Doctor by the ambulance
Patients will come in, and you'll need to fulfill their needs. Make the Kitten 'healthy', give the Teeth a 'toothbrush', supply the Robot with 'motor oil' or an 'engine', give the Book an 'author' and shove an 'engine' in the Car.

The Under Line

Capitol City's subway system is just as confused as the rest of the city, and the helpless commuters need Maxwell's guidance - and magical notebook. Make it happen.

Who gives the task?
I'm so hungry and this vending machine is broken!
Gorge wants food. Oblige him with anything you can spare.
Starite Shard; unlocks Gorge
I could earn some money if I learned some skills!
The Beggar wants to go back to school. Hand him a 'textbook' or conjure up a 'teacher' to satiate his thirst for knowledge.
Starite Shard
I'd better clean up these puddles!
The obvious solution is a 'mop'. Less obvious, perhaps, is creating a second 'janitor' to do the job of the first.
Starite Shard
I'm tired of standing!
Old Grandmother
Give this poor lady somewhere to sit. Perhaps a nice 'throne'?
Starite Shard
I want to buy something from that stand but I'm broke!
She needs 'money'! Or 'gold'! Or 'jewels'! You can't just give it to the Woman, however - Maxwell himself will have to hand over the cash to get the flower from the stand. Romance in the air.
Starite Shard
Starite Rock!
This would-be rockstar needs some help setting up a band. Start by giving him a cool instrument ('tubas' are cool), follow up with another band member ('violinist', perhaps?) and drop in a 'stage' where they can jam.

If you've been following this walkthrough stage-by-stage, you've now reached the end of Capitol City's levels. Next up, some countryside shenanigans in Hyphen Heights and Full Stop Diner!


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    • profile image

      Sara 4 years ago

      Your walk through is very easy to follow and extremely helpful when I get stuck. Thank you very much for taking the time to post it.