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Scribblenauts Unlimited walkthrough: Underscore Mine and Dusty Brush Canyon

Updated on January 15, 2013

Underscore Mine

Welcome to the bowels of the earth! This is Underscore Mine, the lowest point in the Scribbleverse, where bats and vampires and prospectors and... superheroes... lurk! You won't spend too much time here, which is good - it's a tad creepy in these dark tunnels.

Who gives the task?
Protect me from lethal gas!
Canary at the entrance
Poor thing. Give it a 'gas mask'.
Starite Shard
These mushrooms need an adjective to make them taste better!
Hector, near the first dip in the track
I liked them 'cheesy', myself.
Starite Shard; unlocks Hector
Help us! We're trapped!
Huge Ice Block in the bottom right corner of the mine
A 'warm' Ice Block is one that does not exist.
Starite Shard
Give me something to hunt the mighty mammoth!
Hungry Troglodyte beside the Mammoth
He needs a weapon. A 'spear' is suitable, but so's a 'machine gun'.
Starite Shard
Help me figure out which one is a vampire!
Vampire Hunter at the bottom of the mine
Vampires? 'Sun'.
Starite Shard
Caught in the Web
Spider Web near the bottom of the mine
Start by creating a 'fiery' something. Then put out the fire with 'rain'. Chip away at the stone with a 'hammer'. Kill the Spider with some kind of weapon, then send in an 'anteater' to munch on the babies.
Maxwell the Superhero!
Bunker in the bottom of the mine
Give yourself a 'mask', a 'cape' and a fittingly super adjective - like 'super'.

Dusty Brush Canyon

The old west has caught up with the present, and it lives in Dusty Brush Canyon. Every vile bandit in the world lives here, and it's up to Maxwell to deliver sweet justice unto their naughty behinds.

Who gives the task?
We can't hunt the flying buffalo with these! Use an adjective to give our arrows greater strength!
Chief by the entrance
You can literally make the Spears 'powerful' and bring down the Buffalo.
Starite Shard
A bandit stole my money! Help me get it back!
Tony, near the entrance
The money is in a safe below Tony. You'll have to complete the next task to get in. Steal it then run out and give the bag to Tony.
Starite Shard; unlocks Tony
Disguise yourself as one of the bandits and pull the switch to get into the hideout!
Switch near the boulder
Give Maxwell a 'cowboy hat' then trigger the switch.
Starite Shard
Help me find a way to safely play with my pet!
Cowgirl by the scorpion
With 'oven mitts' she can pet that scorpion no problem.
Starite Shard
Save me!
Hostage on a rope
Bring in a 'sheriff' to finish off that evil villain and save the damsel.
Starite Shard
My horse got sick and now I'm stuck here!
Prospector by the cart
Make it a 'healthy' horse. Good as new. You can also replace the horse with some outlandish beast.
Starite Shard
I need to fly back to the base!
Tanc, near the wagon
Tanc is stranded. Give him a 'helicopter' so he can vamoose.
Starite Shard; unlocks Tanc
Coax the snake out of the mine shaft so I can eat it!
Coyote below Tanc
Bring in a 'mouse' to call out the snake. Ah, the circle of life.
Starite Shard
I'm hungry, but everything around here is alive!
Vulture on the highest peak
Pick one of the creatures nearby and give it the adjective 'dead'. (Weirdly enough, a 'corpse' won't work. Picky.)
Starite Shard
Wanted poster at the bottom of the highes peak
Lure the first bandit with 'gold', the second with a 'toilet' and the third with a 'hat'.

You aren't done with the dust bowl just yet. Next time, we'll be visiting the ancient Tomb of Onomatopoeia, as well as the Abjad Dunes. Here's hoping we won't have to spell that first one too many times.


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