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SeaPals by Russ

Updated on November 24, 2012

Explore a Virtual Water World

The Party Animal wants to tell you about another great product called Sea Pals by Russ. Yet another plush friend that will enter the virtual world. Here you will find all the information on them as they become released to the world and become another craze for the kids.


What are Sea Pals you ask?

Sea Pals are similar to the other toys out there like Webkinz, Shining Stars, Kookeys etc.. in the way of it being a plush toy that comes with a code. BUT this ones seems different to me though and a new take on the whole virtual world.

One of the great features of SeaPals is that you get to build and maintain your very own virtual aquarium. Each and every SeaPal you add to your account is a brand new fish for your aquarium. Once you have a group of fish, it is important to make sure you maintain your virtual aquarium by adjusting the temperature, lighting, chemicals and other unique features. Also, it is really important you not forget to feed your fish. They love to eat!

Another cool feature is that you can use Pearl Points to purchase new accessories for your virtual aquarium. So fill your tank with coral, plants, ships and other really cool pieces. You can change the look of your aquarium as much as you like!

I think it sounds great and very different from all the other virtual pets out there - I think these will take off - especially for the holidays.

They are all so cute!!!!

Here is some more information

The first step on your underwater adventure is to purchase a Sea Pal. Each realistic plush Sea Pal is also a finger puppet and comes with it's

own code to log onto the site. The package that your Sea Pal comes in is actually a little fish bowl which is reusable to store your Sea Pal in when you are not playing with it!

Here is what is available right now:

Reef Shark

Manta Ray

Clown Fish

Sea Horse

Banner Fish

Dwarf Flame Angel

Pink Anemone Fish

Purple Tang

Blue Lobster

Sea Turtle

Sting Ray


Putter Fish

Powder Blue Tang


Star Fish

Once you have entered your code on the site it is time to name your fish and start your own virtual aquarium. Choose the gravel, backdrop and tank accessories like sand castles, coral and treasure chests and just like a real aquarium you will be responsible for maintaining good water quality, cleaning your tank and feeding your fish. Every time that you purchase a new Sea Pal and add it to your tank the tank gets larger. The fish will all interact with each other and when you click on each fish you will get educational information on what it eats, how big it gets and what other fish it gets along with! As an added bonus - Bring the beauty of your aquarium to the computer screen when you use it as a screensaver!

The fun doesn't end there! Once you are finished decorating your tank you can leave it for awhile and explore the undersea world. In the undersea world you can use the ocean current transportation system to visit a sunken pirate ship, the Great Barrier Reef, Play games, Chat with Other Fish and even invite them to visit your aquarium, Play games to earn Pearl Points and discover mystery items. Visit the Eleven deepest oceans and seas by conquering deep sea challenges and advancing to the next level. Complete all the levels and make your way to the extraordinary underwater city of Atlantis.

Parents: This web site comes with parental controls that allow you to monitor what your child does on the site, limit how much time they spend there and what area they can access. Special safe chat feature ensures that you will never have to worry about your child sharing personal information about themselves with anyone.

Sea Pals has partnered with the Association of Zoos and Aquariums and will be making donations to local aquariums with a portion of the proceeds from Sea Pals.

Info Courtesy: Fegans NC Thrift Store on Ebay

Sea Pals From Russ Berrie's Applause Brand will be the next HOTTEST toy

See results

Reef Shark

The fast and cunning Reef Shark will rule your aquarium

Manta Ray

The sleak and graceful Manta Ray

Clown Fish

The cute and timid clown fish, Just like Nemo

Banner Fish

The cool black and white striped Banner Fish moves through the water with quick and sharp movements. It will add just the kick your aquarium needs.

Dwarf Flame Angel

This vibrant and beautiful fish will add the splash of color that your aquarium might be lacking and so cute too.

Pink Anemone Fish

This beautiful fish loves to swim in schools. It is gentle and loving and oh so Girly.

Purple Tang

This purple beauty tries to be the king or queen of your aquarium. It has a powerful but friendly nature. Purple is my favorite color - this would be my first SeaPal choice, just thought I would share.

Blue Lobster

This very rare lobster is a great addition to your aquarium. With a great sense of humor and caring nature any aquarium would love to have the Blue Lobster - I love LOBSTER!!!

Sea Horse

The beautiful and elegant Sea Horse with its gentle nature will make your aquarium relaxed - who does not love a Sea Horse?

Sea Turtle

The Sea Turtle is the giant of the ocean. Graceful and friendly - and this guy is just adorable!!!

Sea Pals Aquarium Shot

Sea Pals Aquarium Shot
Sea Pals Aquarium Shot

Atlantis - where you can play games and eat some food

Atlantis - where you can play games and eat some food
Atlantis - where you can play games and eat some food

Some things you can find while exploring the underwater world

Some things you can find while exploring the underwater world
Some things you can find while exploring the underwater world

Seapad - Your above water home where you can buy furniture and just hang out

Seapad - Your above water home where you can buy furniture and just hang out
Seapad - Your above water home where you can buy furniture and just hang out

More UnderWater Fun on your Wii - My daughter who is 8 absolutley loves this so much

Don't be a Dead Fish - Leave us some Feedback

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