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Sesame Street Laugh Out Loud Elmo

Updated on January 5, 2016

Sesame Street LOL Elmo Toy


Sesame Street Laugh Out Loud Elmo Toy

Playskool has done it again with the hit Sesame Street Laugh Out Loud Elmo Toy. Children love Elmo, and now they can interact with Elmo by making silly noises at him, tickling him, or pressing his feet.

The Sesame Street LOL Elmo talks too. He says things like That's hilarious!, Elmo needs a break, laugh with Elmo, and more.

He will also tell jokes when he is in joke mode. What’s a duck’s favorite snack? ......... Quackers!

Playskool Sesame Street LOL Elmo Commercial

Dorthys Fish Bowl - Sesame Street LOL Elmo

Playskool Sesame Street LOL Elmo Toy Features

Laugh shake and wiggle - Elmo will giggle and rock back and forth to entertain you child when they press one of his feet or tickle his stomach. He will laugh and wiggle the more he is tickled.

Tells funny children's jokes - Elmo will also tell your child silly childrens jokes. To hear Elmo tell your child a joke they just press and hold Elmos feet for approx 3 seconds. When you do that he is in joke mode. To return to lol mode just hold Elmos feet again for another 3 seconds.

Dorthys fish bowl - Dorthys fish bowl has a squeaker that will send the Sesame Street LOL Elmo into a giggling frenzy. Just hold the fishbowl squeaker approx 6 inches from Elmos belly and squeeze it.

For more giggling fun, your child can make a silly sound and watch as LOL Elmo laughs out loud.

**Remember to take Sesame Street LOL Elmo out of demo mode when you get him so he will do what you want him to.

See the Playskool Sesame Street LOL Elmo in action in the video Sesame Street laugh out loud Elmo video below.

Watch Laugh Out Loud Elmo In Action

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What is your childs favorite Sesame Street toy?

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