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Second Life A Fantasy World

Updated on March 16, 2016
Kira,my avatar in Second Life.
Kira,my avatar in Second Life.

What Is It

Second Life is a huge online social media network, and gathering place. This is a place where dreams can come true and where you can live out fantasies that many of us do not get to live out in the real world due to financial situations , that it isn't socially accepted and so many other reasons. Second Life is a world where you can be anything that you want to be, you can be a kid again, an animal avatar, a horse and or even a bird so you can fly free to discover things that you have never imagined of discovering before.

Sign Up Process

In order to sign up for second life, you need to head on over to their website located here This is the step that they ask you for a user name and your email, fill it out correctly and then it will take you to the point where you get to select the default avatar, you will then need to download one of the second life clients, personally I prefer Firestorm Viewer, but some others prefer the official Second Life viewer.

Firestorm is a third party viewer and has a lot more useful features and tools to better work with things in building ,and creating things in the virtual reality. Once you get everything downloaded, you will then need to fix the settings of your viewer before you log in, make sure you have the graphics adjusted in accordance to what your compute can handle. Some systems can handle high gaming graphics and some cannot.

Its recommended that you have one of the graphic cards they require, however not necessary.

What are you

What do you want to be?

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A linden dollar is the currency in Second Life, around 500 L$ is equal to roughly 2.00 USD. With these lindens you can purchase items for your avatar, house and so on. However there are also people in Second Life who draw this money out, and do make a living off of the virtual game. You will also need a paypal account in order to pull money out, this is something for you to figure out and it is very exciting!

What Can I Do In SL?

Just exactly what can you do in Second Life? Just about anything, you can create a home, a family and have children inside of that family. You can get married and have intimate relationships in this world, you can become a business owner and design clothing, houses like an architect and you can even sell these creations. A lot of people in the virtual world of Second Life do become successful, and others not so much because they have the attention span of a squirrel. There is also a very large market on the sexual aspect of things, not only are a lot of commercials, ads in the real world are sexualized, but a lot of things in Second Life as well.

Club owner- I have personal experience on this as I currently do own a club, it really isn't all that it is cracked up to be, but if you stick with it you can actually become very successful, but this is rare.

Dancer- Become a dancer in second life, this is a good way to earn extra lindens which is the second life currency and you can use this to buy your avatar outfits and anything else it needs.

These are just a couple of the things that you can do, there are so many more jobs and things to do in this world you will just have to discover it for yourself.

Dancing In SL


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