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Secondlife - Full of Freedom

Updated on November 7, 2015


Second Life is a game full of wondrous things. The Company behind it: Linden Labs, completely understands what their users want in an online community. (I'll state Second Life is a video game, to avoid confusion.)

By November 2010, 21.3 Millions accounts were registered for Second Life. A blogger Wagner James Au states on 'good authory' the active userbase is about 600,000 players.

Second Life is a huge virtual world one can explore, meet people, and find various activities to do. Some of these activities can include: Building, and creating content that other players would like to use. Dancing in nightclubs, or even being a DJ.

Second Life's world consists mainly of an endless ocean, with areas of land dotting it, these pieces of land are called Sims short for Simulators. These Sims make the entire world of Second Life. It also has beautiful skyboxes and Windlight (Environmental settings) That allow you to control what time of day it is from 12AM to 12PM or put on a night and day cycle. You can also change the appearance of the water to you. And a large amount of graphical preferences that suit you and your PC's needs.

Example of a Roleplay genre Sim

What is Secondlife?

Most likely, you were first introduced to Second Life by an advertisement on the side of an internet browser page, or you were looking for games to play and found that.

Second Life is an online community platform. Fancy terms for saying it's a game that's runs only with the internet, it's also connected to everywhere in the world. You can meet people from the US, UK, France, Spain, Russia. Anywhere that has communication with the internet!

It is a near endless digital world that one can explore for weeks and barely scratch the surface. You thought open world video games were big? You'll not even be able to comprehend the size of Second Life's world.

NCI South Sandbox

Joining Secondlife

One thing that can be stated about Second Life, it's infamy for being very complex, and intimidating to learn initially.

Signing up -

Signing up for Second Life is the easiest step. You'll want to go to and sign up to create an account. You will be asked for personal information, such as Age, and be asked to submit a username for your Second Life Avatar. What you initially name yourself will become your account name. (you have the option of having a second name, your username that is change-able once every week when in-game.) once you're finished you will be sent to a screen to download the Second Life Viewer

Viewers -

A Secondlife viewer works as a platform, you will put your private account information into it, and you'll log in through it, the viewer will connect you to the Secondlife Grid that houses the virtual world that you can explore and move around in.

I only know of two viewers that you can choose from. The official Second Life Viewer, which in my opinion, has a lower performance, non-user friendly UI (user interface), and doesn't work as well compared to the other viewer I use.

The Firestorm Viewer is created from a 3rd party software group, that brings a better optimized, and easier to use Viewer. They also give regular classes on new players and veteran players who could use some help in learning about Second Life in general or how the Firestorm viewer works.

I highly recommend that any new-to-be player of Second Life go to and download their viewers instead of using the original Second Life one.

Learning -

Once you've made an account and picked out a viewer (Hopefully Firestorm's), you can now begin with the learning process of Second Life. It'll take some time, days, or only a few hours. But be patient and learn each goal one by one.

I recommend full use of the Second Life Wiki, or SL wiki ( for short. This in my opinion will be the greatest tool ever for learning Secondlife. I will give some information in what you should focus on. Second Life. Moving, Rezzing Objects, Editing, Animation Overriders, Linden Dollars, Landmarks, Interacting, and the Second Life Search. I will explain more below.

Walking -

Walking around in Second Life is important, if you can't figure out how to move, then you'll not enjoy anything it has to offer. Originally the arrow keys on your keyboard will be your movement keys. Going into your Preferences, you can change the arrow keys to the typical W, A, S, and D keys. Along with walking, you can run, and even fly! All of these are your avatar's form of transportation.

Second Life Search - Most of the UI for Second Life consists of Tool bar buttons with a specific icon that describes that button's function. For the case of the Second Life Search button, it is a magnifying glass. Here you can browse listings of sims that you can go to. This search also includes Second Life groups you can join and meet people in, (Some may require an invite to join). You can also use this to find certain Second Life Player accounts.

Linden Dollars -

Second Life is a free thing to sign up and join. The interior of the game is a huge player created nation, such as clothing, Sims, generally any place to go. All things are player created. Most players will be asking for the in-game currency items and clothing (Some will create completely free things for people to use, (I recommend you look for free clothes initially), Linden short for Linden dollars, are characterized by the L$ symbol. There are many ways for your to get Linden. You can sign a payment option for your account, it is completely up to -you- on how much Linden you want to buy at a time. Unlike IMVU that has you buy 5,000 credits, or 10,000 credits in only those amounts. Second Life lets you type in how much exact linden you want and it will convert it appropriately into USD (US Dollars) or your regions equivalent. You can pick obtuse amounts like 421, or 1,121, it's all up to you.

Other ways to earn linden are, you can find a Secondlife job. I'm not very knowledgeable on this subject. I do however know of three jobs, that have a need for. Gentleman Clubs generally employ pole dancers. While more music oriented clubs will employ Hosts and DJs.

Hosts and Dancers generally have the jobs of welcoming newcomers to the clubs and are there to create conversation and ensure there's a friendly environment for the clients or club-goers.

Despite you doing these jobs because you have a need for earning Linden. I'd advise you not adopt a greedy personality, that you only treat people nicely who tip you Linden. There's already a large amount of greedy people who act like that and it brings nothing good to the environments of clubs. Be full of conversation and welcome and treat everyone the same.

If you're interested on where can spend linden, you can find in-world stores that people have created and own, usually decorating it with their own flair and style of clothing or other items.

You can also take a look at the marketplace on Second Life, this will give you an online catalog of endless items people have created. The marketplace comes with handy search systems and categories that can separate and help you find what you're looking for easier.

Rezzing Objects/Interacting with things -

Interacting with objects and things are key to getting around Second Life. To interact with another players avatar or something like a chair, you must right click the player or object and navigating the wheel of options.

Rezzing objects is important if you're buying something for your avatar. Majority of people pack their item in a box that you must open to retrieve the item. To rez an object out, you must click and drag the item out of your inventory and onto the ground. You also must have the ability to rez an object out. Most sims do not allow people to rez items out on their land.

You must search for a sandbox sim to go to. Sandboxes are places who's sole purpose is allow you to go and rez out the items on the ground.. Clicking and wearing the item will make a box appear on your avatar, and you much right click and click 'detach' to remove it.

Landmarks -

Landmarks, are a type of inventory item that you can use to store locations to re-visit later on. Both the Secondlife viewer and the Firestorm viewer, have an area similar to a search bar that will be displayed at the top of each the screen. You can click a little star to favorite the location, this will put a landmark of the Sim (The areas of land in Second Life) in your landmark folder to use later on.

Inventory -

This panel is characterized by the icon of a suitcase. This will be everything you own in Second Life. You will store: Items, articles of clothing, features for your avatar, skins, vehicles, weapons, etc. You can navigate the folders and sections, and even create new items such as a folder, that can be used to store things. You can also rename every single item by right clicking it and selecting rename. There's also a search bar to help you find what you're looking for.

Editing -

Certain items that you can wear on your avatar, may need to be adjusted first to fit better. As well, if you're interested in building you'll need to learn how to edit objects and items.

Clothing editing, is rather simple and straight forward, you can either right click the clothes on your avatar, or click the appearance tool bar button. You can right click the item that needed adjusting and select Edit. This will put your avatar into staying frozen and a panel will appear that has information for you to edit. You can edit: The position, texture, color, add a glow effect, or make the item transparent. You can also place scripts and other things in the content tab.

I recommend, you don't at all edit the texture of the item or the texture's positioning. This will screw up the look of the item and you'll have to get a new one. This can be a feature you can learn once you're more experienced with Second Life.

Be aware of the properties given to you from the items. Modify/ Copy/ and transfer. Modify allows you to edit the items directly, Copy allows you to create a copy of the item to form as a back up. Transfer stands for Transferable and allows you to give other players the item you have. Not all items will have each all of these properties. Most clothing/item makers will put certain parameters for you to not be able to use such as transfer. This is to largely keep people from copying and re-selling their hardwork.

Animation Overriders - If you're interested in buying stuff for your avatar. I recommend you try finding a cheap and easy Overrider to use initially. Animation overriders make your avatar more realistic. They will animate, move, and stand around in place.

The initial animations for avatars are not pretty and make you look more robotic and still. This can be an issue for most players who don't want their avatar to operate and move like that.

The Overriders are very easy to use, simply unbox the item, and wear it. You'll see it appear with a HUD (Heads up Display) that may allow you to touch up on what animations you do, and if you'd like to input sitting animations.

Avatars -

This will be your character. An avatar will be the extension of yourself in Secondlife. You will interact with the entire world through this person. You can make them wear different clothes, and most importantly, you can edit their face and features.

Your avatar skin will give you an overall look. If you want to change your character's look majorly, find and a new skin to put on your avatar.

You can right click your avatar and go to Appearance, then click edit shape. This will put your avatar into a T-pose and you can edit their size, height, arm and leg length, muscles, chin, and every single facial feature. You use sliders that will edit the look for you.

I do not recommend you mess with the: Hover, or the Face shear options. They can be hard to edit back to their default placings.

Also some clothing you put on will replace other clothing that you don't want removed. To work around this, simply press Add instead of Wear. This will allow you to wear both items at once, without the other canceling one out.

A snowy sim at Windlight Dusk

Secondlife's Point

As I've mentioned in my Hub of Garry's Mod. The point to Secondlife is up to -you-, the creator and the player. You can choose to be a builder and create clothing, or create a store to sell items in, (commonly a thing that IMVU is known for.) you can explore the vast endlessness of the Secondlife grid and travel to beautiful parks, or go to clubs that play rock music to a lively crowd. You can even join one of the many roleplay oriented sims that are a big feature.

It also has communities that support Gay pride, Furries, LGTB, and many other wonderful groups of people.

Secondlife is truly a great thing for people, who want to create things and bring their imaginations to life. Should you need help in learning how to build, there are regular classes and places that can help teach you, or consult the SL wiki.

General Dangers of Secondlife

With most things related to the internet. You will get people who are there solely to spoil the fun and ruin other player's experiences. Don't let yourself be a victim to these type of people, with the right information you can workout who they are and easily avoid them.

Drama - This is the main form of conflict for players in Secondlife. There will be people here who don't necessarily care that you're a human being beyond your PC monitor, and some will treat you badly regardless. The best way is to simply block these players and move onto greener pastures. Don't fall into name calling or attacking them back, this won't solve anything and you'll only make yourself into one of them.

Griefers- These people tend to create Grief, hence their name. They target certain sims, for various reasons and attempt to use malicious objects or creations that are designed to crash a sim, or crash someone's Secondlife Viewer. It's important you try and find a new place away from these people and come back to the sim later. You should attempt immediately to contact the Sim's owner. You can also report the Griefer in question to Linden Labs, through the report system.

Bloodlines - Starting off as an innocent game on Secondlife, it's more or less a form of roleplay game, where Vampires, Humans, and Lycans are all represented in a cycle of life and co-existence. Each race relies on the other for survival.

It is now one of the most disliked things on Secondlife. Due to Bloodlines revolving around taking and collecting souls, a thing that people will solely do now to show they're a master at the game or show they're royalty material for their clans.

You might see places that don't accept bloodlines, this is probably because some exploitative players have gone around as a vampire or lycan character and spams a bite or scratch request to random people they've not spoken to or even know, in attempt to trick them into letting them take -your- soul. The souls they use can award them higher places in their bloodline groups usually called Families, Clans. Etc.

You can simply deny this request. it is very important that you read things before accepting them.

Bloodlines itself is not a game I'd recommend playing, the type of people who are drawn to it, tend to be the people who live their lives out on Second Life, generally people who create drama and act like Second Life is another form of Real life. You can play Bloodlines if you really want to, but I doubt you'll have any worthwhile good experiences.

It is very important to take things in moderation, including Second Life.

Phishing/Scams. Another real danger to Second Life. It is importance you read things thoroughly before accepting anything. This can be from a request to join a group, or accepting random items, and clicking webpage URL/Links from someone you may or may not know

Some people have created items and objects that are malicious in intent. They can do things like steal your account information, or steal your linden if you were to accept it and be given the item into your inventory.

A good example I can give you from my own experiences is receiving the random invite to a group. Upon reading the invitation I noted that to join the group, you'd need to pay 999 L$ (Linden Dollars). This is a clear scam to try and cheat people out of their money and they hope players without thinking will accept it and get themselves some easy money.

DO NOT let yourself become a victim to this type of stuff.

Linden Labs is not at fault for these type of situations. All you can do is simply report the person who has done any of these above, linking fake webpages, malicious objects, or scam group invites. They will deal with them appropriately.

Eclipse Developments (In-world Store)

Final Thoughts

I do not mean to scare you away from Second Life. Just simply be aware of the people here to spoil your fun, and make correct actions accordingly.

I wish I could go into much more detail about Secondlife, but that would well take me over 5,000 words for this hubpage alone.

Secondlife is truly a thing to behold. I would fully recommend this to any of my friends and I highly recommend it for people who were interested in other games such as IMVU. Or people you require social interaction of any kind. (Like myself, who doesn't live in an area where you can have such things as a real social life.)

Second Life can be an intensive game for your PC, so be sure to check out your specifications before attempting to download it. It all really depends on the places you go and how much stuff the Sim's Owner has placed in it.

I also once again, recommend fully to use the Secondlife Wiki to help you through the joining/learning process.

You may also contact me Conic11 Resident or just Conic11 in-world if you'll ever need help. It will leave an instant message that I will see when logging in.

I wish you all the best should this hub having pushed you into installing and signing up for it.

If there's anything you might be confused about, please send a comment down below or send me a message on this website and I will do my absolute best to help you!

Thank you very much for reading, happy hunting! I hope this hub has helped you greatly.


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