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Separated by stuff

Updated on October 16, 2011




Too much, too little, our ever changing thoughts of what we need vs. what we want, or vice versa. What do we do with all this stuff?

Most of us have stuff, and it just didn’t accumulate overnight-except when Santa comes-why do we have it? It is almost compulsive to collect things, food, yes indeed got some of that, and t.p.  you betcha. Just go to any store before a winter storm , or tropical storm hits, and we know we’ll see t.p., milk, water , and other items flying off the shelves, and that is just winter storms. Can you think of some of the items you may have hurried to gather before such an event? These items surely have usefulness, and most of them will definitely be used so it’s not such a big deal unless we over purchase.

How about collecting items that may seem must haves to us, yet to another, they would be hard pressed to see its relevance? This is gathering of a different nature, better defined as collecting, and even further explained as a hobby. Do you have a hobby? I believe what I am now doing qualifies as such, I believe what I am doing right now is useful, and important, if not to myself than to someone else, yet we will always have someone who would disagree-that’s quite alright we all have opinions- I just need to check myself from time to time to make sure it stays a healthy hobby. The health issue is what I wish to elaborate further about.

How much time do we spend on our hobbies, and how much wealth? For some of us-not excluding me-the computer has taken part of my focus, when I hear my wife calling “are you coming to eat some lasagna? I then know it is time to slip away from this for a spell, but I will return.

Alright then I’m back, I may have seemed to collect a pound or two in my absence. All joking aside, that is another arm of hobbies, consumption. Hobbies consume time, and money. Have you ever thought what else they consume, how about our attention? Are you a multi-tasker?  I’m not so sure of my own abilities in that discipline, being able to do many tasks at the same time, and doing each tasks equally well, not me I’m afraid. I could possibly type, and carry on a conversation, yet something is bound to get lost in the exchange. For myself, proper, and recollective listening requires complete focus on who ever is speaking to me. In all this stuff, this collecting, and gathering of tangible items, and additionally thoughts, who might we leave out, or neglect? If you said, and as your first priority ”God”, that is exactly the point I’m trying to drive home. Let’s make absolutely certain our “Stuff” does not come between us, and the LORD. Many days of joy are now upon us, we, have so much to be a blessing with, Let’s share in all opportunities to be a blessing, our hobby should be goodwill towards men, and women, as well as peace on Earth.

I close with this small passage from Philemon, it is my true belief that all men/women are born of God, but something has separated them from Him, maybe it’s just stuff, how about we help them remove some of it so they can see Him? God bless you all.

Free for the asking

Bless and be blessed


Philemon 1:4-5 (New International Version, ©2010)

Thanksgiving and Prayer 4 I always thank my God as I remember you in my prayers, 5 because I hear about your love for all his holy people and your faith in the Lord Jesus.


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