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Series 9 Lego Minifigures - A Hobbit Character?

Updated on October 5, 2012

Today we are going to be taking a look at the brand new series of Lego Minifigures, Series 9. We are going to be talking about what the new characters will be and have a look to see if we will actually see a Hobbit figure or a figure based around the Hobbit theme. We will also talk about the release date for Lego Minifigure Series 9 and tell you what some of the other new characters might well be.

Since the first series of Lego Minifigures came out a few years back we have seen some brilliant characters. Ones that stand out include the Zombie, Werewolf, Dinosaur suit guy, Gnome, Ringmaster and various other great figures. As well as quite vague characters Lego have also brought out some specific ones such as Santa, Little Red Riding Hood and Lady Liberty. So when series 9 comes out will we see any more specific characters? More to the point will we get any characters from The Hobbit.

Hobbit Minifigures

Chances Of A Hobbit Lego Minifigure

We have already seen an Evil Dwarf and a Forrest Man which some people compare to an Elf. We have not yet seen a Wizard which is quite a surprise. If you look on the Lego forums there is a whole thread devoted to people coming up with ideas for the next series. One of the most popular ideas is indeed a Wizard. So it is a real possibility that either in Series 9 or in some future series we will see this one brought out from Lego.

The issue with figures actually based directly on The Hobbit is that Lego have already said that they are bringing out a range of Hobbit sets at the end of the year. This means there will indeed be Hobbit minifigure and we will see characters such as Bilbo, Gandalf and Gollum in Lego minifigure form. Plus remember that in June 2012 Lego released their Lord Of The Rings range and we saw lots of figures of well known Hobbits such as Frodo and Sam. So there are already versions of these characters out there. So it is unlikely that we will get specific characters from the story included in the standard minifigure releases.

Their could be a possibility though that Lego may release a general Hobbit figure. So simply one based on no specific character just Hobbits in general. Plus we may yet see a new Dwarf, we have an Evil Dwarf but maybe they will create a good version to counter the evil one. Plus there are Goblins and things like this that they could add to the collection in Series 9. So although it is highly unlikely there will be a specific character included we may yet get a more general one.

Elrond Lego Figure

Release Date For Series 9

Away from talking about actual Hobbit characters what else can we tell you about Lego Minifigures Series 9? Well there is no confirmed release date for these as yet but we are expecting them to start showing up early 2013. When we do get an actual release date we will update our page and let you know. As for the actual characters that are going to be brought out we do not yet know this either, but again when the information is made available we will bring it to you and we will also try and upload some pictures for you to take a look at.

Lego Minifigures seem to have become more popular with each new release that comes out. There have been some brilliant figures over the years and we are pretty sure Lego will have some more great ideas for the future. Series 9 will no doubt contain a few nice surprises and if you are a fan of the Lego Minifigures then you will no doubt be impressed with these.

If you came here today looking for Hobbit Lego then fear not. At the end of 2012 Lego are indeed going to be releasing some exciting new sets. The first one we know about is called An Unexpected Gathering and features Bilbo, Gandalf and four of the Dwarves. The build is of Bag End and there is some excellent detail included. There are also going to be sets based on Gollum’s Cave, Mirkwood, the Underground Goblin Kingdom and a few others.

For fans of Lego who enjoy anything Tolkien based then the next few years are going to be very exciting. We are also expecting that in 2013 we will see new Lord Of The Rings sets coming out, although no word yet on what they might be. In October there is a LOTR video game coming out and you can pick up an exclusive Elrond minifigure with a special edition of the game. So as you can see, there really is plenty to be going out until the future new releases hit the stores.


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