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Minecraft Multi Player With Simple Server

Updated on March 6, 2011
For more Minecraft help, mods and tips, visit:
For more Minecraft help, mods and tips, visit: | Source

Multiplayer servers are awesome. Not only can you play with other people (who may or may not be your friends) but you can essentially host your own cyber world, a world in which you make the rules, a world in which your word is law. In a world increasingly being run either by lizard people, that's a comforting thought.

Hosting your own Minecraft server boasts many advantages over playing on any old public server. For one, when you host your own server, you say who plays. For two, you can kick anyone who so much as thinks as griefing your structures. To be sure, the bane of the Minecraft multiplayer world is the griefer who sneaks into the server, gains trust, then destroys hours, days or even weeks of work in a few seconds.

You can use the free Minecraft server code to set up your server, and you can use Simple Server in conjunction with it. Simple server is a server wrapper that tunnels traffic to the minecraft server and adds extra functionality along the way. If you're serious about having a server that offers a high level of protection to its players and can easily integrate Bukkit mods, then using Simple Server (also free) is a good way to go.

I should mention at this point that Simple Server is not well supported on the Windows XP platform, though it can be coerced into working on Windows 7. Make of that what you will. The developer suggests investing in a Linux box, but let's face it, most of us don't buy new computers to play indie games.

Simple Server adds the following functionality to your server:

  • Anti-Grief Block Firewall (List of blocks that are not able to be placed by a certain rank of user)
  • Automated Backups + Saves
  • Automated Restarting
  • Guest System, with Destroy Protection
  • Locked Chests, with Destroy Protection
  • Warp to Player, Warp to Me, and Teleport player-to-player
  • IP Based Ranks
  • Ranks (guest, builder, op, admin)
  • Kits with Rank Permissions
  • Bans by Name, IP Address, and IP Ranges
  • Kicking
  • Give Item command based on Rank
  • Whitelist
  • MOTD/Rules

Many of these commands are available on the base Minecraft server, for example kicking, white listing, give commands and player teleportation. Where I believe Simple Server really comes into its own is with the anti grief firewall that prevents certain ranks from generation certain block types, and in server modifications.

Download Simple Server!


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