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Several Ideas For Improvisation Games

Updated on May 9, 2017


In the limelight of entertainment, the idea of improvisation has become tremendously popular. It does not only provide fun and enjoyment, it also foster educative atmosphere depending on the approach made. Being one of the most popular forms of entertainment, different cities throughout the world have strongly adapted the concept. In fact, improvisation has been commonly done in theatrical places, clubs and the like. It is also being done in different occasions and important events to add fun and excitement.

Improvisation or short for improv has now sprung everywhere. It is even taught in different cities of many countries in order to improve learning in grade school, high school and college levels. The improvisation games aim to improve the speaking ability and fluency of every student especially when doing it in public. The attack of this concept is essentially directed in making the person feel comfortable, calm and anxious-free as he/she delivers the piece or share something.

Improv games


Improv Games

There are different forms of improvisation games; it could be musical, theatrical, eurhythmics, storytelling, vocabulary works, creative works, arts, scientific basis, comedy play, heavy drama and many others. There are several kinds of improvisation games that you can choose from. Depending on the age brackets of the participants, you can choose the appropriate improvisation game. There are improvisation games that are designed for kids only. These kinds of games attempt to bridge effective learning while allowing them to enjoy at the same time. There are also improv games that can be played by teen participants. No matter what the age is, from kids to teens and adults there is an improvisation game that is designed for you.

Famous Improve Show for Inspiration


One of the most commonly played improvisation game is freeze also called freeze tag. This improvisation game is an exciting theatrical play that can be executed by any. This improv game is usually played by groups of 4 or more members. Among the participants, only two people are requested to play in stage while the rest should be waiting for their turn and the right time to join.

The freeze or freeze tag game can be done in a classroom or other area. The audience has something to do with the mechanics of the game because they are the one to dictate the setting as the volunteers ask for their suggestion. It is important for the onlookers to be creative enough with their setting suggestion as this can influence the performance and on how the actors play the role.

The mechanics of the game is simple; the actors need to listen to the setting suggestions from the spectators. They need to choose the situation that will allow them to act the best way they can. From the situation, the performers need to come up with the storyline, the characters involved and the dialogue. Not just creating a plain scenario, it should be grounded with conflict and resolution in the end. They will be given ample time to create and arrive to a final cited situation. After that, the game begins.

When the participants are already performing, the remaining participants who are also watching need to shout the word “freeze”. This means that the actors need to remain motionless. From the actors, one of them will be pulled out and be replaced by the other participant. The interesting thing here is the next performer who will be replacing the pulled out need to follow the exact pose of the latter. It is indeed exciting and fun filled especially when the person pulled out is incredibly posed, for instance, one leg of the actor is hanging in the air, the person is bending, or crawling, therefore this should also be the position that needs to be posed by the coming actor.

After the pull out and changing actor, a new scene will commence but this time, it will not be based from the suggestion of the audience. The performers need to create and craft their own story, characters, dialogue and setting. They too will be given enough time to think of and the process continues. Freeze tag is one form of advanced improvisation game.


Taxi Cab

Other improvisation game that you can perform is taxi cab. This is something that can elicit creative response and talking from the participants. All you need is to do is to get participants to act as the taxi cab driver and the passengers. You can utilize many chairs to sit on, one is for the driver and the other chairs are for the passengers.

The game starts when participant, who will act as the driver, while driving meets a customer. When the customer hops in, the game officially starts. It is important for the participant who will act as the passenger to project a distinct personality and act differently because he/she will be mimicked by the driver. When another passenger comes in, the driver and the first passenger will now emulate the personality of the newly hopped in customer and the process goes on. This will continue until the driver arrives to a drop off point, when the passenger exits, there will be switching of the personalities until the driver will be finished dropping off his customers, he will be alone again and back to his original personality.


60 Second Fairy Tale

Other kind of improvisation game is the 60 Seconds Fairy Tale, this is a good improv game that aims to strengthen and enhance the participants’ acting abilities as they showcase the traits of their favorite fairy tale character. Another exciting improve game is the one called Surprise Guests. The game is a form of a light hearted drama that is performed by 3-4 participants, one of them will be the host and the remaining are the guests. The host will be exiting the scene and leaves the guests knowing each other. The one who shows imaginative thinking and artistic play will be recognized.

These are just some of the improvisation games and ideas that you can choose from. These games are essential as the play attempts to bring out the bright and creative thinking of every participant.

Improv Game


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