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Shadow Brute Walkthrough

Updated on April 13, 2010

--Shadow Brute Game--

The following is a Walkthrough to Shadow Brute, a ninja game found on addicting games. It's a fun free online adventure game that you should try if you haven't played it yet.


In Shadow Brute: Ninjitsu Vs Barbarians, you play as a ninja facing waves of attacking barbarians. You must used your sword, combo moves, and Chakra to defeat all of the barbarians.


Keypad Left and Right: Moves left and right

'S' - Perform high strike

'D' - Perform Low Strike

'A' - Turns on your Chakra for a short period of time(light up red). Chakra boosts you attacks, allowing you to bust through the armor of enemies.

'A+S' - High Chakra attack

'A+D' - Low Chakra attack

Hold 'A' + Hold 'S' - Super Chakra attack

'Space' - pauses game

QUICK TIP: Your high strike is much faster than your low strike and should be used whenever possible. Also, by pressing 's' and then 'd' you do a high-to-low combo which will come in handy during the later stages of the game. 's' then 's' again also performs two quick head strikes.


You have a red health meter and a yellow chakra meter. If your health drops you die, if your chakra drops you cannot boost up for a short period of time.

As you kill barbarians your health and chakra will regenerate.

--Shadow Brute Walkthrough--

Wave 1: The first wave of Barbarians is relatively easy. You just have to use your high sword strike and kill the incoming enemies.

Wave 2: Same with wave 2. There are no enemies that have armor or helmets so you will be fine. Try out all of your different moves so you can get the hang of them.

Wave 3: With wave 3 comes the introduction of the Helmet Barbarians. High strikes will not work on these guys. You must perform a low strike to cut them in half. Time it right and you will do fine. Your low strikes reach a great distance so you can start them when the barbarian is relatively far from you and let him walk into it.

Wave 4: The next wave of this great online game introduces the shielded barbarians. These guys aren't hard. All you have to do is hit them with a high strike which will be your primary move of the game anyway. To pass this stage just stand in one spot and let them walk into your high strike.

Wave 5: Now you have to deal with both shielded barbarians and Helmet Barbarians. The helmet Barbarians are definitely the most lethal. Stand still and chop off all heads you can until you see a helmeted barbarian. You can either run backwards and make him walk into your blade or, if your brave, you can let him get close enough to strike and quickly move out of the way, then chop him in half.

Don't forget about the 'S' then 'D' combo. If your chopping off the head of an enemy and see a helmet barbarian coming up behind him, follow it up with a low strike.

Wave 6: In this wave you meat the Shield and Helmet Barbarian, I will call them super barbarians. I can't be sure, but the only way I was able to kill these guys was by using a Chakra strike to break their armor. This wave is relatively short, when using Chakra you stay powered up enough to get out around three high strikes. Let the enemies build up on screen, then turn on your Chakra and start cutting off some heads.

Wave 7-11: These next few waves of this video game are all relatively the same. You will face all four types of Barbarians in different orders and must used the right attack at the right time and only use your Chakra when necessary. You gain more Chakra by doing multikills so don't miss out on those when you get the chance, if there are a bunch of enemies together turn on your Chakra and let them have it.

The enemies will only be coming from the right so use the space allowed to move around when your in danger. Try not to let yourself get backed up against either side of the game screen through because you can die fast. If it happens turn on your Chakra as soon as possible and cut your way out.

Wave 12-13: These final wave of Shadow Brute can get pretty tough. You now face all four type of enemies coming from the left and the right.  Use the high strike as your main attack only using low strike when you have to.And remember, a high strike with Chakra on will kill any enemy. So if there is a big group that you can take out, be sure to do it.


If coming from both sides, you can run either way all the way by them before they are able to hit you, then turn around and kill them. This is very helpful. You can run back and forth only killing enemies from behind if you'd like.

Shadow Brute BOSS FIGHT: This is my main reason for writing this walkthrough. It seems a lot of people have been having trouble with the boss fight. You must cut off all three of his heads to complete the level. He attacks you with his axe if you get too close, which will send you flying and make boulders fall from the ceiling of the cave. The boulders will hurt you if they hit you so carefully avoid them.

You will want to use the SUPER CHAKRA ATTACK to cut each head off. To do this, hold 'A' and 'S'. You will perform a three strike combo, with the third strike cutting a head off in a spinning motion. It takes a few seconds to get to the third strike and can get very aggrivating.

The key, is to get just close enough to where the first strike of the combo makes the monster block his chest with his axe's. As long as he does that, your third strike of the combo should cut his head off. A good time to try it is around the end of each boulder falling animation. If your lucky enough, a boulder won't spoil the combo, and you will slice off one of his heads. Do this three times, and you have completed the Shadow Brute Online Game.

Hope this walkthrough helps everyone, for this and other great games visit or check out the link below.

--Great Online Games--

Some great Flash and Java online games that shouldn't be missed by anyone.


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