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Shadow Of Modor Is......Okay

Updated on October 29, 2014

The Nemesis System

The nemesis system has been talked about all over the place, I got this game because I heard it was so good from my mates. What I didn't realise at the time was, this information seemed to be coming from nowhere, none of them owned the game at this time. As a starting point I should say a few words about the system.

During the game you will encounter orcs(or uruks as they are called for some reason) of a higher level, they will be captain rank and later on war chief rank. These enemies will evolve (I wouldn't call it rank up) over time through power struggles. Power struggles involve a captain fighting another captain, the captain attempting to recruit followers or the captain fighting an animal. You can choose to interrupt these struggles in order to catch a captain off guard or away from a stronghold. When you fight a uruk of captain level or higher they will speak to you. If you are killed that uruk will grow stronger, if a weak uruk kills you he is immediately promoted to a captain. Death also solves all power struggles letting the other captains also increase in strength. If you are killed that uruk then becomes a revenge target, if you lose again the uruk becomes your nemesis.

If you are winning the fight and the captain retreats the next time you meet he will mention what occurred during your last encounter. If you died the captain will mention something about you coming back to life. Another point is that each captain and war chief has strengths and weakness's, these are found out by gaining intel. A weakness can give you a way to kill a captain in one go, if you succeed other uruks will talk about what you done as you continue the game. Losing to a captain will increase his strength giving him more strengths and removing weakness's. One captain killed me so many times he was shooting explosive fire arrows all the time, had only one weakness and about 10 strengths.

Strength and Weakness
Strength and Weakness
General Details
General Details

Shadow of Mordor or Assassins Creed

This game would literally be assassins creed, in terms of gameplay, if it wasn't for the upgrade system. Based on gameplay alone then shadow of mordor is a way better game then assassins creed, however this game is severely lacking in the story. There are only 20 main story missions and they mostly just introduce extras that you can do in the game.

Most of the features in the game are similar to assassins creed, for example hiding in bushes and stealth kills from ledges, from the air and from hiding places

Eagle Vision
Eagle Vision

Wraith World

Wraith world is basically eagle vision from assassins creed, when you need to follow someone it will highlight your path, it shows you the enemies from behind covers and it indicates important objects.

Leap of Faith
Leap of Faith

When you jump off a really high building it starts off looking like assassins creed leap of faith, except without landing in hay. Instead you can land anywhere and not get hurt.

Branding/Dominating Uruks

The best part of the game (in my opinion) is the fact that you can control captains, war chiefs and regular uruk. You can brand and uruk in battle or through stealth, once branded they will no longer regard you as an enemy and will act as normal. Once you activate a branded uruk he will begin attacking other uruk. If you dominate a captain you can then issue commands to them.


  • Become bodyguard of a war chief.
  • Betray the war chief.
  • Issue a death threat.
  • Assassinate another captain.

Having the war chiefs bodyguards under your control allows you to take him out a lot easier, once you find the war chief he will be with his bodyguards, you can then activate the bodyguards and they will attack him. The war chiefs are a lot harder than the captains so this is a good idea. By taking control of a war chief you automatically get control of everyone under him. The best way to get war chiefs is to get one and then just make that war chief attack other war chiefs so you have some help. This way you don't have to bother dominating all his bodyguards.

Dominating an Orc
Dominating an Orc
Branded Captains and War Chiefs
Branded Captains and War Chiefs

Abilities, Weapons and Runes Upgrade System

Each time you defeat a captain or war chief they will drop a rune, a rune is like a power up for your weapon. There is a maximum amount of runes you can have and the level of rune depends on the level of enemy you defeat. The best runes are called epic runes, these are easier to obtain if you first issue a death threat to your target.

The amount of runes you can have our 5 but to unlock them you need points, not experience points but points from extra activities.

Abilities can be unlocked from upgrade points, these are what improves your fighting capabilities. A problem with the upgrades is that some make it pretty much impossible to lose, there is an ability were if you jump over an enemy you stun them. Unless the enemy can't be jumped they are pretty much dead extremely quickly, this can make the game boring as there isn't much chance of death.

Shadow of Mordor Gameplay


4 stars for Overall


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