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"Time Travel Will Tell" Easter Egg Guide

Updated on July 29, 2017
The Tunguska Meteor from the "Time Travel Will Tell" mega easter egg.
The Tunguska Meteor from the "Time Travel Will Tell" mega easter egg. | Source

"Time Travel Will Tell"....Again!

Black Ops Zombies "Shangri-la" has been remastered for Call of Duty: Black Ops III Zombies Chronicles and with its return comes the "Time Travel Will Tell" Mega Easter Egg of Insanity! It almost feels like fans are stuck in a time loop of their own, replaying different versions of the same maps, over and over again. This time, players will have a little more help, some fancy new weapons, and some really killer graphics and visual effects as well. In this guide you will learn about the story behind the "Time Travel Will Tell" Easter Egg as well as the complete steps to obtain the Focusing Stone and score the achievement/trophy for finishing the quest!

What's Going On Here?

Perhaps the question should be, "What Was Going On Here"? That is because this Easter Egg takes place in the past! In order to get to the past, you must follow an unusually extensive amount of steps. One of the more in-depth Easter Eggs, Treyarch has ever put in the classic Black Ops Zombies maps.

You must rescue Brock, the explorer and his assistant, Gary, who happened to get stuck in the catacombs deep within the depths of the paradise of "Shangri-la", trying to prove that the mythical kingdom of Argatha really does exist. Unfortunately, they release a horde of zombies instead and both tragically end up dead during an atmospheric event while traveling on a different plane of existence (as explained in a hidden cipher from the "Zetsubou No Shima" zombies map). The origins crew members discover the radios left by Brock & Gary, and by following their steps to change the past, they discover that no matter what they do, the explorer and his assistant will remain stuck in a continuous loop of time.

Preparation for "Time Travel Will Tell"

In order to complete this quest, you will need to make sure you have all the prerequisites of the mission. The "Time Travel Will Tell" Easter Egg is very extensive, so preparation is definitely key to completing it. In the remastered version for Call of Duty: Zombies Chronicles, you have a lot more options available to make it easier on everyone, like for instance, the Gobble Gum Machines are present. Gums like "Shopping Free" and "Extra Credit" will allow players to have enough cash to open all the doors and get the weapons they need on Round 1. If you are trying to complete the original Black Ops Zombies version of this mission, unfortunately you will have to earn it all the old fashioned way! Here is a list of everything you will need to complete the Easter Egg.

  • Must Have 4 Players from start to finish
  • Power Needs to be Turned On
  • All Doors Need to be Opened
  • 31-79 JGb215 (Shrink Ray Gun)
  • The Fractalizer (Pack-a-punched Shrink Ray) for last step
  • Spikemore Mines/Trip Mines (2 players make this step easier)
  • Napalm Zombie
  • Always Keep A Crawler

Let's Save Brock & Gary!

So, even though having all the amenities of Gobble gums, state of the art weapons and new perk-a-colas, the old Origins crew members have quite a few steps to follow in order to save Brock & Gary (or not to save them if you will). Here is a step by step guide on what you need to do. I left a helpful video down below as well that well visually guide you through the steps of this massive mission!

Step 1: Turn on the Power, open all doors, obtain the shrink ray gun/baby maker, get a crawler, trigger the eclipse

Step 2: Find Brock and Gary locked behind the wall where you buy the MPL (Black Ops) or Pharo (Black Ops III). Press the button under the statue to trigger the dialogue and release the pressure plates. There are 12 on each side of the map.

Step 3: Match the Tiles. One player stands on a tile, and tells the other player what symbol is on it so they can step on the matching tile. Match all tiles correctly or they will all reappear in a different order. Finish all matches within one Eclipse cycle. You have just 4 or 5 minutes!

Step 4: Trigger another Eclipse and Head over to the water slide! Have 3 Players stand on the pressure plate at the bottom of the slide. The last player needs to go down the water slide whilst holding the action button, in order to hit the switch and provide enough force to activate the plate, release the diamond orb and end the Eclipse!

Step 5: Trigger another Eclipse. Head back over to the top of the water slide and you will see the orb attached to the wall. Shoot it down with an explosive weapon or a cooked grenade. This will dislodge the orb, allowing you shrink it with the baby maker gun. Knife the orb and follow it down the water slide and into the geyser. Ride the geyser up and you will see the orb settle into the stand up on top of the wall. This will end the eclipse for this step.

Step 6: Do not start the eclipse. Wait for a Napalm Zombie to spawn in, then trigger the Eclipse, but whatever you do, do not kill the Napalm Zombie! He is needed for this step. Lure the Napalm Zombie towards the first tunnel by the MPL/Pharo. Spin the red valve wheel 4 times to release the gas through the tunnels, and have the Napalm Zombie follow you through all the tunnels. This will ignite the gas leaking from the four broken pipes. Once all four flames are lit, return to the original gas valve and activate the switch lever next to it. This will trigger the next dialogue and end the current Eclipse.

Step 7: Trigger the Eclipse again. Purchase the Trip Mines (Spikemore mines in original map) and head back to the tunnel that leads to the waterfall area and you will notice that there are 4 holes in the side of the tunnel. Place a trip mine in front of each of these holes. If all players have trip mines or spikemores, this step is a lot quicker! Have a crawler or zombie detonate those mines and you will notice they explode and plug the holes that were in the wall. Once you have confirmed that, head on down to the waterfall and press the brick button that says "Do Not Press". This will trigger the end of the eclipse. You will notice another orb land on top of the mud room (quicksand area).

Step 8: Trigger another Eclipse! The next step involves knifing the symbol plates that appear on the walls around the map. The symbols will glow after you strike it with your knife. Some locations are difficult to locate, so follow the guide in the video for all the locations. After knifing all 12 plates head over to the mine cart area. You will notice outside the map area, in the bushes, there is the frame of an old tent (probably Brock and Gary's). Get a Monkey Bomb or other explosive device and throw it at the tent. When done correctly it will trigger the end of the eclipse.

Step 9: Trigger the Eclipse! Head over to the quick sand/mud room. There are 4 wheels that must be turned to the correct symbol in that room. See the video for the correct order. Once complete the eclipse will end.

FINAL STEP: This is where you need to upgrade the Shrink Ray/Baby Maker gun. When upgraded, it will be called The Fractalizer. You can upgrade in the Pack-a-punch machine old school style, or if you have a Ephemeral Enhancement Gobble gum that automatically upgrades it for you, I would use that! Go ahead and trigger the Eclipse, then locate all the Gongs in the map. You need to locate the 4 gongs that do not cause the Orb at the top of the temple to turn red. These change every time the eclipse times out. Once you hit all 4 correct gongs, in a row, the orbs in the spawn area will all glow golden yellow. Head back over to the mine cart area gong location and shoot the orb with the upgraded shrink ray gun. This will drop the Dynamite pack (If you do not catch the dynamite, you will need to start all over with this step---gongs and all). Then head back to the mud room and shoot that orb. It will deflect the ray and shrink the giant meteor from atop the pack-a-punch temple. Once you have done this, reactivate the Pack-a-punch stairs and head up to the wall where the machine is and you will hear Brock & Gary once again. When prompted, give them the dynamite by pressing the action button and head back down the stairs, so the explosion does not kill you. Once detonated, head back up to the wall and you will find the Focusing stone waiting there for you on an altar!

The Focusing Stone and Infinite Time Loop

Congratulations! You have officially completed the "Time Travel Will Tell" Easter Egg! One lucky player can grab that Focusing Stone and be gifted Permanent Perks for the rest of the game, and keep them---even if they get downed! Everyone in the game will also get the trophy/achievement for completing the mission, but what about the other players getting the special perk reward?

In order for all players to have the focusing stone, you must go back and start the Easter Egg steps from the very beginning and complete the entire thing with a different player acquiring the Focusing Stone each time. Kind of like an infinite time loop, just like poor Brock & Gary.

Watch the Step-by-step Video Guide for "Time Travel Will Tell" on Zombies Chronicles!


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