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Black Ops Zombies "Shangri-la" Mega Easter Egg Instructions

Updated on July 16, 2011
The Tunguska Meteor from the "Time Travel Will Tell" mega easter egg.
The Tunguska Meteor from the "Time Travel Will Tell" mega easter egg. | Source

Once again, Treyarch has unleashed another Mega Easter Egg in the new Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies map, "Shangrila"! Similar to the "Call of the Dead" Ensemble Cast achievement and easter egg; the "Time Travel Will Tell" Easter Egg eill bag you a lot of gamerscore and will reward you with something much better than a song, or upgraded Wundewaffe DG-12.

What's Going On Here?

Perhaps the question should be, "What Was Going On Here"? That is because this Easter Egg takes place in the past and in order to get to the past, you must follow an usually extensive amount of steps.

The basics of this easter egg is that you must rescue the explorer and his assistant, who happened to get stuck in the catacombs deep within the depths of the paradise of "Shangri-la". First you must turn on the power and find the "walkie-talkie" near one of the stone idols. It's yellow and can be activated by pressing the action button.

There are also a bunch of cymbals, or gongs, that can be found around the map, but only 4 of them will make the constant tone you will need to complete an essential step of the Easter Egg. You know what else is essential?

Very similar to the Mystery Man Easter Egg in the zombie map "Ascension", 4 players are an absolute must have! You cannot start the "Time Travel Will Tell" Easter Egg without having four players to start the Lunar Eclipse. Near Quick Revive there are 4 stone buttons that must be pressed simultaneously to activate The Eclipse. This needs to be done every time that a step is completed.

Complete Instructions and Reward Revealed

So what exactly will you get for completing the Easter Egg of Paradise in Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies latest map, "Shangri-la"? Not only will you get the reward of 75 Gamerscore (the biggest gamerscore reward in Black Ops Zombies history), but you will get the Focusing Stone; attaining every single Perk! The best part is you will keep them until the end of the game---even if you go down!

The complete instructions are too extensive to articulate into this hub, so I am giving you the ultimate resource for the easter eggs created by Treyarch and just about any other game. The staff at NGT Zombies can be thanked for the complete video walkthrough, which you can watch below!

Have fun and remember that you must have 4 players! Good luck Black Ops Zombies fans and I'll catch you on Xbox Live! Send a Friend Request to OctoberMonkee!

NGT Zombies Solve "Time Travel Will Tell" Easter Egg


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    • profile image

      ShangriLaRocks 4 years ago

      Very fun map. I love the 7-Perk Easter egg! Very fun and if you love fast-pace action then this is the map for you!

    • profile image

      Josh 5 years ago

      Is the Pack a Punch permanently gone?

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