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Sharing My Ideas to the World

Updated on July 20, 2013

Somehow I figured out that I have a creative mindset. I started aspiring to be an inventor. I make illustrations, notes, and even did a lot of research in product development. I ventured once, and asked helped in one invention development company. However, I later found out that a large sum of cash is required to continue on their development process. Rather than storing all my ideas in my brain, I decided to share some to the world. I posted most of it in a creativity forums in the internet. So, here below are some of my ideas. There are yours if you like to develop them to actual product. Actually some, I later found out have been thought of and develop to an actual product.

Lists of My Ideas

Recycling paper as alternative to charcoal

Paper comes from wood and charcoal is derived from wood. My idea is to recycle used papers, such as newspapers and old documents, to become an alternative for charcoal. The procedure would be to soak several used papers in water for some time. Then compact them using hands or other means to reasonable sizes. Then let them dry. You can now use them as an alternative for charcoal. It may function differently than charcoal but it will work.


Frozen Meat Slices Segregator

I go to the grocery store and buy several pork steak or pork chops. So, I can cook one piece every day for my lunch meal at work. But when you store several slice meats in a freezer, every slice sticks together. You have to defrost the entire batch just to get one slice. My idea is to place in a plastic segregator like a binder that stores documents. This way you can take one slice of frozen meat without defrosting the entire batch


Drop Proof, Ping Pong Racket

This product idea was conceptualized to prevent a ping pong racket from being accidentally dropped or thrown during the game.


Quick Connect and Release Vehicle Tires

Vehicle tires are attached and detached by tightening and loosening several lug nuts to the rim. This idea would be to design a quick connect mechanism that would easily attach and detach a vehicle tire. This design should be secure enough that it would be difficult for robbers just to take the tires. The good point of this idea is that it cuts of a lot of time in replacing a vehicle tire.

Silent Alarm for Passenger Bus

Robbery or any crisis often occurs in passenger buses. My idea is to have a silent alarm that the bus driver can activate sending a distress signal to a police station providing its location.

Independent Brake System for Passenger Bus

In my country, there are a lot of incidents where passenger buses drive of a cliff due to brake failure. My idea is to develop an independent braking system that could be integrated in to the passenger bus.

Tornado proof home

Tornadoes can cause a lot of damage to homes. My idea is that houses or homes are designed in a way that when a tornado comes, the house can retract or descend down below ground level. The top structure could be designed in a way that even if a tornado passes by, no damaged is done to the retracted house. When the tornado passes by, the house can ascend above ground level.

Creativity Pool Link

Adjustable Cup or Mug

There are all sizes of containers for drinking. My idea is a cup that can be adjusted (lengthened and retracted).

USB Time Bank

My idea would be similar to a piggy bank connected to the PC via USB. The device can only be opened through PC software. The user can set up the software to determine when you can open the device containing the cash. This information is stored in the USB time bank. Once the set time is up, the user can connect the USB time bank to the PC. The software can now enable the user to open the USB time bank to get his cash.

Generate Electricity through Weightlifting

There are lots of kinds of weight lifting contraptions or exercise contraptions. My idea is to design these machines in a way that it can convert the push and pull energy generated by the weight lifter to electricity and store it in a battery, so that it can be used in other means. Imagine if these become reality, with the hundreds or thousands of work out or weight lifting establishment all over the world. This could contribute to save energy and lessen burning of fossil fuels

Electric Fish Bait

This idea would ruin the concept of sports fishing. My idea is that when a fish example a huge sword fish hooks up successfully the electronic device in the bait would detect this in some sort of logic and would discharge an electric charge to stun the fish. Also it can be that the fisherman can trigger this charge remotely. After the fish is stunned, the fisherman can just pull the fish easily.

Bow and Arrow Casting for Fishing

Sometimes you want to cast your fishing line for a very long distance. My idea is fishing line that can be cast through a bow. The arrow is specially designed. The tip is heavy but can serve as a floater. The main line and bait can be place inside the floater. On impact on the water this main line and bait, will fall down to the water

One Press Rice-Cooker

Rice is probably the most cooked food in the entire world. The process is standard. Get the quantity of rice in cups, wash the rice, put the right amount of water, and then cook it correctly. My idea is to combine the functionality of a Electric Rice Cooker + Water Dispenser + Rice Dispenser. There is just a selection buttons of how many cups you want to cook.

USB Coffee Maker

Sometimes you’re in the zone and busy working with your computer, and you are in need of a cup of coffee, and most often you feel that you are too lazy to lift even your finger. My idea is a coffee maker interfaced to the PC using USB. The design of the USB coffee maker could be simple as dispensing sugar, coffee, cream, hot water to a cup to whatever your creativity can bring you

Foot Dryer

After taking a shower and you might be leaving in a hurry. Sometimes you don't have time to dry your feet, and you have to put socks in a hurry. This might cause athletes foot. My idea is a contraption that after showering you can step on and hot air will blow out in the area of your feet.

Police Dog Cam

It is often that a Police Dog Handler has to release his Police Dog to pursue a criminal. It is possible that the Police Dog might pursue the suspect out of view of the Police Dog Handler. So, a camera similar to a critter cam should be mounted on the Police Dog to keep a video record on the pursuit for later use as reference in further investigation

Heat Beat Meter OLED T-Shirt

An OLED T-shirt is an OLED display sewn into a t-shirt. A good design idea is to embed on oled display that would display a beating heart. It will be placed on the chest area where the heart is. A probe sensor would be attached to a heartbeat source on your body that would signal the display to beat. A faster heart beat display would indicate that either you are doing a lot of physical exercise or engage in a flirtatious event causing elevation in heart beat.

Alcohol Level Meter OLED T-Shirt

This is an OLED T-shirt that displays the alcohol level in your body. This t-shirt would be suitable to wear when you are out drinking with friends. This is composed of 2 components. The alcohol breath analyzer and the OLED t-shirt with graphic representation of your blood alcohol level. First is to breath into the alcohol breath analyzer to get your alcohol level. This alcohol breath analyzer would then be connected to your OLED t-shirt to transfer the data. This data would then be interpreted in a form of a meter.

Spoon and Fork Handle Containing Salt and Pepper

The handle of the spoon and fork should be round and spacious enough to contain small amounts of either salt or pepper. There would be a cap on the end to stop the salt and pepper from spilling. While eating the diner can uncap the ends of the spoon and fork, and season their food with salt and pepper. The design of the handle containing the salt and pepper should be water proof.

Handle quick connect for large tools such as shovel, axe, and garden fork

There is already an existing product of a screw driver handle with several bit heads sets. The handle can be attached to a crossed screw driver head, flat screw driver head, and other variations. My idea would apply the same concept that would apply for large tools such as shovel, axe, pick-axe, and garden fork. The handle would be designed in a way that it could be held the as for other tools such as shovel, axe, or garden fork. The handle can be easily connected to the tool heads. When storing the handle can be detached and placed somewhere else. While the tool heads can be stored separately. This idea also saves storage space.


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