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Sheaffer 100, 300, 500 Fountain Pen, Ballpoint, Rollerball, Pencil Review

Updated on January 9, 2015

Sheaffer 100

Sheaffer 100, 300, and 500 collections epitomize three important principles in brand philosophy: utility, affordable prices, and simple design. Combined together, these fountain pens, ball point pens, rollerballs, and mechanical pencils display a casually effortless appeal – a smooth style that makes them appropriate in a wide range of settings, from a high-school classroom, to a college lecture hall, or a formal business meeting.

The range of colors and the arch of designs offered by Sheaffer in these collections span a variety of tastes and needs: some are quite generous in appearance, made in the classical cigar shape, others are slimmer, alluding to the company's ultra-modern selection. Chrome and nickel trims provide the required metallic frame, giving the products a solid weight and look; women's segment incorporates plum, pink, and blue tones.

While each of the collections reveals influences from one or another Sheaffer collection, it is the Parker essential department that resembles the 100, 300, and 500 most in both design and intent: particularly Parker Frontier, Jotter, and Vector.

Sheaffer 500 Ball-Point Pen
Sheaffer 500 Ball-Point Pen

Let's take a closer look:

Sheaffer 100

Only Prelude rivals Sheaffer 100 for versatility, the latter offering several color variations, and all four writing systems. Fountain pens are notably slimmer, resembling the slender Agio, and feature a section that dissolves in the ballpoint.

The clip deserves a special mention – sporting a central slit, it reminds of a ratcheting lever, the iconic white dot acting as the point of contact. This handyman reference accords perfectly with the pens' functional build.

Sheaffer 300

Reminiscent of Legacy instruments in architecture, Sheaffer 300 opts for the classic fan-out nib instead of the inlaid variant. More elegantly outlined than the 100, it includes iridescent red and blue colored models – which people who know fountain pens will immediately recognize as a counterpart to Waterman Phileas (now out of production).

Sheaffer 500

Available only in ball point and pencil, this collection further refines the original design, introducing subtle changes that render the body more graceful and polished – Waterman Edson (roller ball version) comes to mind as a possible influence. Strictly single or two-tone palette based on black, blue, and chrome, lends the pens sparks of seriousness and responsibility.


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