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Sheaffer Legacy Fountain Pen, Roller Ball, Ballpoint Review: Gold, Palladium, Sterling Silver

Updated on January 9, 2015

Sheaffer Legacy

Though like the Prelude, Legacy is a relatively recent addition to Sheaffer selection, it exhibits all the attributes of a brand classic: the iconic inlaid nib, precious metal trims, and artistic ornament – all of which ensure future vintage value.

Legacy fountain pens demonstrate a classic cigar-shaped body that transposes into an always black laque (lacquer) section. The deltoid (kite-shaped) inlaid nib, made of 18K gold and, in some models, plated with palladium, carries the company's name engraved on the exterior side. The entire configuration remains almost identical (except the nib) in ballpoint and roller ball writing systems.

Though the abundant curves of Legacy instruments anticipate especially luxurious trims – which Sheaffer indeed deliver by generously plating the bodies of some of the models with yellow gold, palladium, or sterling silver – a few, manufactured in black laque models reassert the brand's simple, utility oriented aesthetic. These more modest offerings incorporate the alloys on the ring, the cap, and the clip, and present a solid formal business layout.

Sheaffer Legacy Fountain Pen
Sheaffer Legacy Fountain Pen


Waterman Edson is Legacy's natural counterpart, featuring an inlaid nib and high-end trims; Carene pens from the French manufacturer also resemble Legacy in these essential components, though its modernist, architecture inspired ornament is somewhat distant from the classic patterns employed by Sheaffer. The breather hole in Sheaffer pens mark another principal difference between the two brands.

Victorian Special Edition

Already standard selection demonstrates rich ornamentation: sand blasted gold that gives a unique textural glow, fluted palladium, and barleycorn patterned silver.

Fountain pens from the Victorian era inspired Legacy line go further, displaying a complex, multi-layered tracery spreading on the body – a pattern immediately recognizable because it appears on wall papers, fabrics, carpets, and other furnishings designed in the style of the epoch. This is Sheaffer's answer to Waterman's Art Deco Charleston, or, conversely to the iconic Mont Blanc Meisterstuck.


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