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Sheaffer Prelude Fountain Pen, Rollerball, Ball-Point, Pencil Review

Updated on January 9, 2015

Sheaffer Prelude

A relatively new collection, Prelude was launched during the nineties, establishing itself as a Sheaffer staple during the following years. Prelude includes fountain pen, roller ball, ballpoint pen (mini and standard version), and mechanical pencil modes (in fact, the full range of writing instruments), and offers items for men and women: ladies' variants arrive colored in pink, purple, and light green tones, while gent's focus on black and silvery tones. Single or two-tone, engraved nibs.

Sheaffer will often change the design for each mode – unlike Waterman, for instance, who prefer to keep the design similar and only alter the internal structure – adjusting the width and the trims; as a result, a Prelude ballpoint features a much fuller body than the elegant fountain pen. The overall differences can be quite dramatic: if we again compare the selection to other brands, some categories appear more like the generous Waterman Edson or Parker Frontier, others like the functional Hemisphere or the classic Premier.

Sheaffer Prelude Fountain Pen
Sheaffer Prelude Fountain Pen

Indeed, versatility becomes almost a hidden leitmotif in this collection.


Sheaffer's trims rarely steer beyond the essential – the brand's principle of utility and efficacy dictates a reticent, and occasionally austere approach to decoration. Prelude is a classic example of this aesthetic: such precious metals as palladium and gold will usually appear on the edges of the section or the cap in the form of the ring or the clip. More luxurious pens feature full or partial plating and black onyx.


This recent ballpoint addition to Sheaffer assortment presents a modern, extra slim body reminiscent of Parker Vector; the dynamic ornament, combining chrome with color, contributes to a sense of speed and purpose – this pen brings to mind the light, yet precise arrow designs used in ancient cultures. The iconic white dot on the clip will dispel any doubts regarding the true source of this collection.


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