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Sheaffer Valor Fountain Pen, Rollerball, Ballpoint Pens Review

Updated on January 9, 2015

Sheaffer Valor

Featuring the classic inlaid nib, a bold, telescopic build (reminiscent of Waterman Charleston), and a unique cap&clip design, Valor becomes one of Sheaffer's most interesting and surprising collections. In terms of visuals, the clip, without a doubt, makes the most powerful impression: embracing the top of the cap like a tie, it leaves the white dot enclaved in its own separate space; the layout slyly alludes to a businessman wearing a formal attire. Screw-on cap ensures continuous protection for the nib or the roller ball.

Clips in Pelikan Majesty and Souveran produce a somewhat similar couture effect (though originally they copy the beak of the bird), opting for a different kind of necktie. On the other hand, the angled cap immediately brings to mind that of Waterman Hemisphere; it also evokes Waterman Carene blind cap – though placed on the other end, it provides a similar aesthetic point of reference. Still, it is the home-grown Sheaffer Agio that resembles Valor most in the streamlined, slim contours.

Sheaffer Valor Fountain Pen
Sheaffer Valor Fountain Pen


Precious metals (gold and palladium) make a cameo appearance that's characteristic of the brand's casual fountain pen designs: on the cap, the clip, and the ring. Color performs most of the decorative function, models coming in burgundy (semi-transparent), blue, brown, and black tones. Kite-shaped, cutout nibs repeat the classic Legacy, bearing the same breather hole, slit, and “Sheaffer” engraving on the exterior side.

Overall, this line stands half-way between the more traditional and the more contemporary collections, acting as a kind of linking element between the two trends.


This is the simplified version of Valor: available only in ballpoint or mechanical pencil systems, this collection of writing systems contrasts the unique clip design of the latter with a modern push button mechanism.

Sentinel pens are made for men and women, and arrive in a range of colors: chrome, black, gray, pink, blue, and burgundy.


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