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Shin Megami Tensei 4: How To Beat Kuebiko the Jirae

Updated on July 29, 2013

The Other Choice

As noted to the left, fighting Kuebiko is only one of the routes that you can take upon reaching the Government District building. If you're of a more Chaotic bent, you might want to not attack Kuebiko and instead end up antagonizing the Ashura-Kai goon. In this case, you will fight a Harpy Horde instead of Kuebiko.

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This hub is going to talk about how to beat Kuebiko the Jirae in Shin Megami Tensei 4. Kuebiko is one of two possible boss fights in the Government District of Shinjuku and represents the Lawful choice. In defeating Kuebiko, you are lending support to the Ashura-Kai, the self-titled protectors of the human race in Tokyo (although they tend to operate like a mafia/gang most of the time). Kuebiko is actually easier than both the Minotaur and the Medusa, partially because you have more skill options to work with for your party, and also due to the fact that he only has 2 Press Turns.


Stat Overview

Here's a helpful table listing Kuebiko's relevant stats, such as total hit points (HP), weaknesses and strengths, and attack list.

Elemental Affinities
Ailment Affinities
Weak to Fire, Drains Force, Nulls Light/Dark
Resists Poison/Panic/Sleep/Bind/Sick, Nulls Lost

Source: This information is taken from the strategy guide that was in the limited box edition of Shin Megami Tensei IV. Any possible inaccuracies are due to printing errors.

Attack List (not including basic attack)
Retaliate, Rakunda, Axel Claw, Wind Breath, Dekunda

Source: This information is taken from the strategy guide that was in the limited box edition of Shin Megami Tensei IV. Any possible inaccuracies are due to printing errors.


Let's Talk Strategy - Tips and Tricks

Before starting with this section per se, I'd like to point out an exploitable peculiarity the AI has involving Dekunda/Dekaja (as Kuebiko has Dekunda). To be honest, I'm not sure whether later bosses will do this, but what I've noticed up to now is that enemies with one (or both) of the aforementioned skills tend to use them under the slightest provocation. Given that Kuebiko is already short 1 Press Turn as compared to the earlier Main Bosses, this can trivialize the fight in a hurry. I'll explain exactly how I exploited this later. For now, here are some tips and tricks for the fight:

  • Given Kuebiko's high Strength stat and his tendency to spam Axel Claw whenever he isn't using Dekunda or Rakunda, you really do not want to have any demons in your party that are weak to Physical attacks.
  • While Kuebiko's sole elemental attack is Wind Breath, and breath skills are notoriously random (they hit from 1 to 4 times on random enemies), I'd still advise against using demons weak against Force. Granted, it isn't as fatal in this boss fight since he has less opportunities to double up his Press Turns.
  • By this time, you should have Spirit Drain (or Energy Drain) on your protagonist and as many demons as possible. While Macca becomes a tad easier to acquire by this time, it's still better to save your Chakra Drops/Chakra Pots and use Spirit Drain to recoup your MP used on other skills.
  • I always mention this, but it bears mentioning again and again: Use Sukukaja! In this particular boss fight, you'll also need Rakukaja thanks to Kuebiko's Rakunda, and Sukunda is less effective since he'll just use Dekunda to remove it.
  • Kuebiko has no way to buff his stats and does not have Dekaja, so the name of the game is to buff your party's stats first before attempting to debuff Kuebiko's stats.
  • Kuebiko's Retaliate passive will cause him to counter most of your party's Physical attacks. Given that I had two party members with Agilao to exploit his weakness to Fire, I didn't even bother using Physical attacks at all.
  • You should have at least one demon with Recarm by this point. This relieves the pressure of having to use revival items with your protagonist if Kuebiko gets lucky and kills one of your party members. Also, you can use Recarm on your protagonist if he should happen to be the one to kick the bucket as well.

Behold! My Demons!

Skill List
Media, Sukukaja, Energy Drain, Agilao, Dia, Rakukaja, Zanma, Recarm
Spirit Drain, Bufula, Resist Gun, Agilao, Media, Tarunda
Recarm, Zanma, Spirit Drain, Mazanma, Sukukaja, Rakukaja, Media
Bai Suzhen
Zionga, Resist Elec, Sukunda, Zanma, Media, Me Patra, Tarukaja

The skill list for my protagonist and the three demons that make up my main party.

My Protagonist's Equipment Layout

Upper Body
Body Armor
Lower Body
Hawthorn Spear
Bruce Gun
Aquans Rounds
Silver Mars
Ahazuya Red
White Samurai
Silver Necklace

The equipment my protagonist had equipped when I fought against Kuebiko.

General Battle Flow

The key to trivializing the Kuebiko fight is to get him to use Dekunda on each of his turns. During my playthrough of this fight, Kuebiko got the upper hand and went first, using Rakunda and then Axel Claw to exploit the reduced defense of my party. However, he was unable to take anyone out. So, this is what I did:

  • I had my protagonist and Strix use Agilao to get the free damage and Press Turns.
  • I had Senri cast Media to heal off some of the damage suffered during the first turn.
  • I had Bai Suzhen cast Sukunda to lower Kuebiko's hit rate.
  • I used the free Press Turns I had gotten from the two Agilao castings to use Rakukaja to counter the Rakunda and cast another Agilao to deal more damage.

Casting at least one -unda type spell on Kuebiko will make him start his turn with a casting of Dekunda, leaving him with only one Press Turn to use another ability. He tends to use Rakunda if you have stacked Rakukaja several times. Alternately, he'll use one of his two attacking skills (he shows slightly more preference to Axel Claw, but switches to WInd Breath to attack Force weaknesses if you have any). Basically, this fight is measures easier than the first two boss fights and is probably the easier of the two possible Government District boss fights. Just make sure you revive any demons that get killed during the fight. Complacency is an easy way to get your party wiped out in Shin Megami Tensei 4.


A Samurai's Companion

Walter ranks in as the best companion for this boss fight thanks to his ability to cast Agilao (although he prefers to use Critical Wave). Jonathan and Isabeau are pretty good as well, especially when they use their elemental spells instead of physically attacking. There's no poor candidates for your companion in this particular fight, to be honest.

Recommended Demons

  • Narcissus, if you can be bothered to grind up to Level 28 (whether literally, or by covering some of the missing levels with the appropriate fusion App). He drains Force and that is really awesome.
  • Itsumade. Level 23 member of the Raptor race who happens to Null Force and has Sukunda as a starting skill. Seems tailor-made for this fight, and you can even recruit one around the immediate area if memory serves.
  • Basically any other demon not weak to Force and/or Physical attacks.

Conversation Options

Unlike the Minotaur and Medusa before him, Kuebiko doesn't have any conversation options during the battle itself. Frankly, you don't really need the stat boosts said conversation options would have given you anyway.

Were you (your protagonist character) Under or Over Leveled for this Battle?

See results


Defeating Kuebiko is the Lawful choice that you can take in the Government District Building. He is easier than previous boss fights, which will be a welcome breather after struggling to break out of Naraku. All you really need to do to beat him is use Fire attacks and keep him casting Dekunda to limit the amount of damage he can deal and you'll win easily.

Feel free to post your own strategies for beating Kuebiko in the comments section, as well as demons you prefer for the task and why. Or, just feel free to talk about the game as well (try to limit spoilers).

Until the next time, take care and have fun! ;)



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