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Shinx Evolution Chart

Updated on April 15, 2013
Shinx Evolution Chart
Shinx Evolution Chart
Shiny Shinx
Shiny Shinx

Shinx Evolution Family

The Shinx evolution family is a relatively simple one as Pokemon evolutions go. No complex stones needed, as in learning how to evolve Togepi, or needing to trade as in the Abra evolution chart, it's simply a case of leveling up.

Or to put it another way

  • Shinx evolves into Luxio at level 15
  • Luxio evolves into Luxray at level 30

Obviously that relies on you not using the Everstone item, or pressing B to cancel the evolution.

So all in all, nice and simple right? Well yes, but as with all Pokemon there is far more to learn about the Shinx evolution family than just how they evolve. That would make for a pretty dull game...

Where to catch Pokemon Shinx

Pokemon Black
Pokemon White
White Forest
Pokemon Black 2
Pokemon White 2
Dream World
Pleasant Forest
Where can I catch a Shinx in Pokemon Black, Pokemon White, Pokemon Black 2 and Pokemon White 2

The Difficult to Find Pokemon Shinx

People don't tend to equate the Shinx with being difficult to catch. After all it was one of the first Pokemon that you could come across in the Pokemon Diamond, Pokemon Pearl and Pokemon Platinum games.

But the fact is that in the 5th Generation of Pokemon (the Black, White, Black 2 and White 2 games), Shinx is very, very rare. In fact, as the table shows on the right, you can only find it in White forest (something I have limited success with, maybe people are better at White forest than I am),

Thankfully the Dream World gives more success, with it being able to be caught in Pleasant forest from the get go. Which means that for most people your only chance of getting your hands on a Shinx (or any of it's evolutions) is via White Forest (or trade, but we're talking catching here).

Pokemon Shinx - Abilities

What it Means
Atk & sp Atk increase by 1/4 if the opposition is of the same gender, and reduce by the same amount if of different genders
The opposing Atk is reduced by 1 stage
Atk is increased by 50% when suffering a status such as burn or poison
The various shinx abilities

Using these Pokemon abilities

It is waaaay beyond the scope of this hub to be able to discuss how to use these Pokemon abilities in battle - the sheer scope required in choosing moves, abilities, etc can be massive.

One of the best places to learn about such things is Smogon, a site and Forum that not only talks about such things but even gives out specific move sets - including which abilities to be using, suggested items, etc.

You can read about using Luxray (part of the Shinx evolution chart of course) over here. Beware, Luxray is not the most competitive of Pokemon, despite it's popularity, so it languishes in the NU tier, NU standing for Never Used.

Think you can make it more competitive? I would love to read about competitive move sets for this great Pokemon below. It really is one of my favourites, but then I do have something of a soft spot for the electric types....just take a look at my avatar on Hubpages!

Catching a Shiny Shinx


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