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Shiny Flygon

Updated on March 31, 2012

How a Shiny Flygon Looks

So if it has alternative coloring how does a shiny Flygon look?

Put simply it has a blue trim around it's green body, rather than the usual red trim. Take a look at the image below to understand more.

What is a Shiny Flygon?

A shiny Pokemon, including a shiny Flygon or a shiny Hippowdon, is a type of Pokemon that has an alternate coloring to that of a normal Pokemon. This is a very rare type of Pokemon that are very, very hard to find in the wild.

All wild Pokemon can have a shiny color, even legendaries. It's only event Pokemon that are really stuck as one color.

A shiny Pokemon also retains it's alternative coloring as it evolves. So in this case if you found a shiny Trapinch it wouldn't lose it's alternative coloring as it evolved, it would still evolve into a shiny Flygon.

Shiny Flygon

Shiny Flygon
Shiny Flygon

Is a Shiny Flygon Useful?

Yes, in many ways.

First of all, shiny Pokemon are always valuable for trading. Get on any Pokemon forum and offer a shiny up for trade and people will be willing to give away all kinds of rare legendaries and EV trained, IV bred Pokemon for it.

If you don't mind a little cheating then many would be happy to do that trade, clone your shiny Flygon, and trade it back again. Meaning you get to keep the shiny Flygon AND the Pokemon you traded it for.

Competitive Battling

Flygon is also a very useful Pokemon for competitive battling, so having a shiny one is seful in that regard too.

Flygon inhabits the UU tier of Smogon battling (UU standing for Under Used).

It's fantastic defensive typing of Dragon/Ground leaves it with only two weaknesses. Watch out for ice users though, as Flygon has a 4x weakness to that. As with almost all Dragons it also has a 2x weakness to Dragon type moves.

With attack and speed both having base 100 Flygon can hit hard and fast. This makes it perfect for choice band or choice scarf wearing. Check out the variety of suggested move sets over on Smogon.

How a Shiny Flygon Looks in Game


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