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Shiny Hippowdon

Updated on March 30, 2012

Shiny Hippowdon

Shiny Hippowdon
Shiny Hippowdon

Do You Have A Shiny Hippowdon?

Before we get talking about the shiny Hippowdon let us first check it you actually have a shiny Hippowdon on your hands. It it is important to know how to tell if you have a shiny Hippowdon as, unlike most Pokemon such as the Shiny Nidoking, it's not quite as simple as you might think.

This is because Hippowdon has two color types, depending on whether the Pokemon is male or female. In fact even the shiny Hippowdon has different colors depending on gender.

Take a look at the image on the right and compare the Hippowdon you have with the ones in the image, and decide if it is a shiny Hippowdon you have, or just one of a different color because of gender.

p.s. a good way to tell is to get it into battle. If stars come shooting out as you release it from the Pokeball then it's a shiny

The Odds of Getting a Shiny Hippowdon

The odds of getting a shiny Pokemon are 1 in 8192. Think about the maths on that - that's just a 0.0122% chance of getting a shiny Pokemon.

Back in Diamond, Pearl and Platinum the Pokeradar helped, but those times have gone. Which means you have just a 0.0122% chance. Unless... use the Masuda method. This involves breeding together two Pokemon from a different geographic region. The 'different geographic region' is based on languages, not what country you are registered in. So breeding an American Hippowdon with a Japanese Ditto is more likely to give a shiny Hippopotas.

How much more likely? The odds reduce greatly to 1/1366. or 0.07%. Still not exactly common, but far better than a normal method.

Shiny Pokemon

Have You Ever Caught a Wild Shiny Pokemon?

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Any Pokemon Questions?

Got any questions about the shiny Hippowdon? Or any other Pokemon?

Then get over to the Pokemon Forums on where you will get quick and easy answers, as well as free Pokemon and Items when you sign up!

Is a Shiny Hippowdon Any Good?

Leaving aside from the fact it is shiny, and therefore has value anyway, is a shiny Hippowdon any good as a Pokemon?

Short answer - yes
Longer answer - hell yes!

Hippowdon is a Pokemon that has an awful lot going for it. 108 Hp, 112 Attack, 118 Defense gives it decent bulk and the ability to hit hard. It is, in short, a tank. And that's the role it fills very well.

It's ability, sandstream, is also very useful indeed. Weather has a huge part to play in competitive Pokemon battling, and auto creating weather just by entering play is vitally important.

Which is why it is in the BL category in Smogon battling. Not quite in OU (over Used) but certainly well above the UU (under used), Hippowdon is a powerful and frequently used Pokemon.

How a Shiny Hippowdon Looks in the Wild


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