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Shnooks Toys Review and Where To Buy Shnooks Online

Updated on March 8, 2011
Shnooks - Hook up with a Shnook!
Shnooks - Hook up with a Shnook!

To the Store Or Online, Hmmm?

If you've jumped on the Shnooks bandwagon, or are trying to, you're in luck! Because Walgreens stores around the US are struggling to keep these new fuzzy hair stuffed monsters in stock, online retailers are finally beginning to carry them. This makes racing to every Walgreens store in the area a chore that doesn't need to be done...if you want to guarantee your hand on the Shnooks prize by buying one online.

Amazon and Ebay, arguably the largest powerhouses online for buying and selling, are now carrying the beloved fuzzy beings that expand to over 8 times their original size: Shnooks. And so far, the prices are reasonable, ranging from $12.00-$20.00. Slowly, but surely, the Shnooks fad is growing...but, it is not yet known how many Shnooks will be available to the United States.

I'm Official

I am now officially a member of the lucky ones who has finally gotten ahold on one of these hard-to-find items. I am going to try and hold out until my daughter's birthday at the end of this month to give it to her. (I keep telling her you can't find them in the stores, which, thankfully, she understands what that means.) Yup, Mommy's got some tricks up her sleeve. Shnooks tricks. Even if Mommy's jokes are dorky.

Opening Tweeki Shnooks

Tweeki Shnooks and her accessories
Tweeki Shnooks and her accessories

Shnooks Review

Okay, I didn't hold out for my daughter's birthday, after all. She is going to a friend's birthday party today and when I told her I had already purchased her friend a Shnook as a present, my daughter wasn't pleased. She said, "Then, I'll be jealous." I held out about five more minutes before saying, "Do you want to see yours?" Haha! So, we opened up the one I got for her. She loves it. She is busily styling the Shnook's hair. It comes with three hair clips, a brush, and anklet cuffs meant for hooking the Shnooks family together. We haven't tried out the anklet cuffs as I am saving the second Shnook I got for her until her actual birthday, which is at the end of this month. I will update this article when she hooks them together (roughly around March 28).

My thoughts? I have to admit the Shnooks toy is adorable. It's just larger than the span of my 7-year-old's hand. It's plush and soft. The hair is furry, fuzzy, and wispy--much like the texture of the Trollz dolls' hair. I can see why a little girl would like it. It's got a cute feminine face and pretty eyes and puffs out when opened from its plastic package. I don't know if the Shnooks' growing "8 times its size" promise is accurate, but it does fluff out a bit. The more squeezing and shaking your child does when she opens it, the more the Shnook will fill out.

Overall, I am pleased with this toy. I foresee many girls (even older ones; perhaps, even a nice decoration or stress doll for an adult's desk at work..?) collecting the entire set. The official website has extra characters listed that are not currently available in the United States. There are only six available for sale in the US (if you are one of the lucky ones to find them--they are becoming more readily available, however): Tweeki (pink and blue), Yengo (yellow and purple), Woogie (purple an blue), Nookoo (green and pink), Shazzabam (blue and pink), and Fershnizzle (pink and yellow).

Shnooks are available at select Walgreens stores,, and


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    • Rosefall profile image

      Rosefall 7 years ago from Ohio!

      It's looking that way, Mary Contrary!

    • Mary Contrary profile image

      Mary Contrary 7 years ago from Columbus, OH

      Just what every parent needs, a toy that expands 8 times in size! Only kidding-I'll bet these will be the new Beany Babies