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Shockah's Minerals Minecraft Mod

Updated on February 7, 2011
For more Minecraft mods, visit:
For more Minecraft mods, visit: | Source

Shockah is one of the more active modders in the Minecraft community and the Minerals mod is a must have for anyone serious about expanding the scope of their game. Shockah's Minerals mod adds several new mineral, block and tool types and significantly extends the scope of the game.

But what is included in this mod? A great deal. A very great deal indeed. Let's start from the beginning with something familiar, shall we?

Obsidian Toolset

Obsidian is now useful for more than making portals! Turn your obsidian chunks into pickaxes and more – you're going to need them in your new, more dangerous world.


Firestone ore emits a small amount of light, making it easier to see in the dark depths of your mines, but pride may easily come before a fall with this new block type. Hit a block of firestone ore with a diamond pickaxe and it will not crumble weakly into the night and give you the firestone you desire. No. It will turn into TNT and blow you sky high. Where are your diamond gods now, huh? In much the same way diamond can only be mined with an iron axe, firestone can only be mined with a firestone or obsidian pick.

Firestone tools have an additional quirk, when used on substances they don't mine the substances themselves, they mine refined forms of the substances. Use a firestone pickaxe on cobblestone and you won't mine cobblestone, you'll mine smoothstone. Use a firestone shovel on sand and you won't gather sand.. you'll gather glass!

Spike Traps

A new block type, spike traps can be placed on the ground and do damage to mods that move over them to the amount of 2 damage per block. Make a series of spike traps and watch mobs destroy themselves in their haste to harm you! Spike traps will not harm you or your tools.

Also included:

(This is not an exhaustive list. To discover the full scope of this mod, download it and unzip it. Treasures will fall right out.)

  • Firestone toolset (no axe or hose)
  • Silver ingots, ores and swords.
  • Emerald ore, emerald block, emerald, emerald dust.(Emerald dust will fix tools if the damaged tool is placed in the center of the crafting grid and surrounded on four sides by dust.)
  • Darkwood. (A type of wood found in the Nether which does not burn.)
  • Darkwood boat. (Can sail on lava!)
  • Prickly Ivy (Which can be harvested for its spikes which are used to create spike traps that deal 2 damage to mobs.)
  • Rubies
  • Corundum
  • Coldinite
  • Hyperdiamond
  • Redstone Sword (A sword that shocks mobs and paralyzes them.)
  • Scrolls.

How To Install Shockah's Minerals

Be warned. This is not a mod for the beginner. Not only does it require ModLoader, which is death knell enough for some, but it is recommended that you also use Tool Utils, Shockah's Dipenser API, Shockah's Dungeon API, Shockah's More ID's and Shockah's Tooltip. That's seven mods in total to get this working.

Actual installation of the Minerals mod is not complicated. You simply need to unzip the file and add the contents to the minecraft.jar, which is done by opening minecraft.jar with WinRAR or similar.



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