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Shopping Street Strategy Game = Fun and addicting!

Updated on October 28, 2012
A screenshot of the shopping tycoon game that will have you addicted!
A screenshot of the shopping tycoon game that will have you addicted! | Source

About the Game

Shopping street came to me after a usual search for online tycoon style games. I found the site Flonga and started playing. At first the game seems very simple and easy to understand. There is a brief tutorial but you wont need it. What I soon found out was that this game is insanely hard to master and very difficult to beat. I was usually playing each level two or three times until I finally beat it.

The idea of the game is customer traffic management. Your goal is to build shops in areas that people will stop in. The difficult trick is mastering their traffic. They only walk down the street so putting all the shops in a row is the only choice you have. However, they only spend so long in each shop and each shop only has room for a certain number of customers. You also have to put newspaper stands, benches and music players to distract them long enough to continue shopping. With some gameplay you will understand.

You can find the game HERE


- Does not show you goal cash during gameplay

- Does get repetitive after a while

- Can get too frustrating sometimes


- The game doesn't slow down or lag at all

- Can save your progress as long as you sign up for free on the website

- There are lots of levels that will keep you busy for hours

- There is a "fast mode" button to speed up gameplay


While the game can get repetitive I found it to be so addicting that this helped me master the game as best as I could. I probably spent a total of 5 hours playing this game and I didn't even finish all the levels! Now that I have been explaining the game I feel like playing it a little more!


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