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Should you Buy Pokemon Go Plus?

Updated on August 11, 2016

What is Pokemon Go Plus?

Pokemon Go Plus is a device that is meant to improve and extend the new Pokemon Go mobile game from Nintendo. The game itself is a an augmented reality Pokemon game that uses real world locations. By simply roaming your neighborhood you can find Pokemon to capture, PokeEggs, Pokeballs and other items. The game itself is free with a few in app purchases (although we don't know much about them yet). The Pokemon Go Plus acts as an accessory to the game that will allow you to find items, Pokemon etc while "offline".

In essence you won't need to have your phone out to play the game if your purchase the Go Plus.

How Does Pokemon Go Plus Work?

The Pokemon Go Plus is a small little trinket that is meant to be work on a bracelet, watchband or belt. Ideally somewhere you can reach easily. Using a Bluetooth connection it is synced with the Pokemon Go App. If you were to walk by a Pokemon or item while your phone was say in your pocket or purse the Pokemon Go Plus would vibrate. At this point it seems like all you need to do is tap the button on the Go Plus and you will have a chance to capture the Pokemon or pick up the item. There's also a series of LED lights to let you know whether you've been successful or not.

Basically it stops you from needing to be looking at your screen at all times. This free's you up to do just about whatever else you want.

How Does Pokemon Go Plus Save Time?

As long as you are moving (not in place, you need to cover distance) you can use the Pokemon Go Plus to gather stuff in game. Off the top of my head I came up with just a few ways this can work.

-Walk to work


-Walking the Dog

-On the Job movement (Deliveries etc)

-Taking children with strollers

Honestly I'm sure if you asked your self "What do I leave the house for?" You've found a reason it would be useful. Here's the downside though. If you are looking to just sit back and play a Pokemon game on the couch you probably won't get a lot of use out of this. In fact Pokemon Go may not be the game for you at all.

Game and Device

Do You Need Go Plus to be Good at the Game?

No, Not really and a little bit Yes.

Nintendo's goal for Pokemon Go is to get people out on the streets and playing a game. Pokemon Go Plus allows you to go hands free but not using it won't deny you anything. You still have the same access to everything in game. You will just need to have the app open on your phone and be able to "play".

What Else do I Need to Know?

Pokemon Go Plus is set to be released some time near the end of July 2016. The game is set to be available some time before then. It was announced at the E3 gaming convention that it will $34.99 but depending on where you live prices seem to vary. Currently Amazon is handling pre-orders and offering free shipping in most areas.

Is Pokemon Go Plus Worth a Pre-order?

For me personally yes.

I have new baby at home and a dog that needs constant attention. Hands free gaming sounds beautiful. I also move about the city a lot for work but often have dirty hands to the point where I don't always want to touch my phone. Being able to tap one button and check in later to see what I got is appealing to me.

I think the other big factor to be considered is availability. After the game launches I don't think there will be enough of these to go around. We've seen it time and time again, Nintendo always under stocks their devices. This is especially true in Western markets. I remember the wait list for the Nintendo Wii being 6 months long at one point and the same (though less drastic) can be said for their last few Nintendo DS releases.

If you are looking to have one within the first month or two Pokemon Go I'd say Pokemon Go Plus is worth Pre-ordering.

The Big "sightings" Update

We've got a brand new launch trailer to go along with the game being available in parts o the world. All of it looks great but if you at the video around 1:20 you can see the Go Plus in action.

What Nintendo Has to Say

Right below I've added the demonstration from Nintendo at this year's E3. It's about 45 minutes long. Mostly this is due to translations being done between the English interviewers and the Japanese developers. It's worth a watch though.

Nintendo's E3 Demonstration


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