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Should You Buy PS4 Pro, PS4 VR or Xbox One S?

Updated on November 1, 2016

With new consoles being released, gamers have more complex choices to make that pertain to various aspects of gaming. These improvements pertain mostly to the quality of experience. One significant advancement is 4K technology.

The success of PS4 will also push the sales of PS4 Pro that has great graphics due to its ability to be played on 4K TV. PS4 Pro offers a better gameplay with much sharper action. Its advantage is that it is compatible with every PS4 game that also involves 4K streaming and 4K auto-upscaling. PS4 Pro can be used with 4K TV, a feature not available with PS4.

Gaming sites consider PS4 Pro as significantly enhancing the gaming experience. It includes various upgrades, more powerful GPU, but lacks Blu-ray drive. The same games can be played on PS4 Pro and PS4.

PS4 console will also be enhanced with the release of PS4 VR that will allow viewing games in a virtual world, offering an even better experience than Occulus Rift. PlayStation 4 VR can only be used with PS4 and PS4 camera.

Although reviews claim that there will only be insignificant advantages of Xbox One S over Xbox One, there is also one aspect that adds to playability that is a Blu-ray Player that is absent in PS4. Another advantage of Xbox One S is that it is an expansion rather than just improvement.

There are various advantages of new console systems. These technical components can make a difference for the gamers, but casual or inexperienced gamers may find these advantages insignificant. New games may offer more to those who already invested more interest and involvement in gaming.

PlayStation and Xbox One Systems Appeal to Different Players

The advantages of both systems are appealing. Project Scorpio is to be even more powerful than PS 4 Pro. More information on GameHub. All upgrades will improve gaming experience, but the extent to which this change is significant is debatable, as gaming sites consider such changes not so significant.

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