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Sikorsky Aircraft - The Sikorsky Ch-53E Super Stallion Aircraft!

Updated on January 13, 2013

The Sikorsky Ch-53E Super Stallion!

Of all the Sikorsky Aircraft the CH-53E Super Stallion is utilized by the United States Marines to execute heavy lifting jobs and the United States Navy as an air mine sweeper. It is the biggest and mightiest helicopter in the United States inventory.

The CH-53E super stallion appears identical to its siblings the CH-53A/G, HH-53C and MH-53. The primary difference between these Sikorsky Aircraft is that the Ch-53E has 3 engines while other models have only 2. This supplies additional might and redundancy. As a matter of fact the CH-53E is able to air lift and recover every aircraft in the Marine inventory except the KC-130 Hercules. It can lift Hummers, heavy weapon pieces, and Light Armored Vehicles.

The Navy variant, specified the MH-53E Sea Dragon executes long-range mine sweeping, mobile Mine Countermeasures and heavy lift.

The Super Stallion joined the service in 1981 and has functioned reliably ever since. The biggest user is the United States Marine Corps who have over a hundred in commission.

Of all the Sikorsky Aircraft the CH-53E can transport 37 military personnel without centerline seats set up and 55 armed combat military personnel with centerline seats put in or it can transport 32,000 lbs of payload. It's able of lifting up to 34000 lbs. The Super Stallion has a 7 bladed rotor arrangement with a rotor diameter of 79ft. It's powered by 3 General Electric T64-GE-416 turbo shaft engines that are rated at 4,380 SHP (shaft horsepower) per engine.

It can reach a maximum speed of 196 miles per hour and has a  range of 540 nautical miles, which can be expanded  refueling in flight. It's equipped with 2 window mounted 50-caliber machine guns and one incline affixed gun in the back. For defensive measures its equipped with chaff and flare dispensers and a missile warning system.

Advances to the Super Stallion have included the Helicopter nighttime sight System and an bettered Forward facing infrared light visualizing system.

Sikorsky Aircraft since they've participated in service the CH-53E has seen activeness in Beirut, Somalia, Kuwait, Iraq, Bosnia, and Afghanistan. In addition if a U.S. embassy is under impending risk of assault the Marines use Super Stallions to evacuate embassy personnel.

The CH-53E has a crew of 5. Two pilots, a crew boss/right machine gunner, a left machine gunner and a tail machine gunner.


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